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Road Trip To Calif. Need Help.

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I'm going to be driving to the San Fran. CA area from East of Seattle on Wed. I'll be on I-5 most of the way down and would like to do some close by caches along the way. Any suggestions on the easiest way to get waypoints and caches setup so I don't have to spend hours and hours searching. I have the premium membership, so I can run pocket queries. No problem holding the caches on my PDA, but my Garmin holds only 1,000 waypoints and I could easily fill that in a hurry. I don't have a cord to hookup my Garmin to the PDA and I don't have enough time to order one now. I wish I had a laptop. Are there any websites out there that you could narrow your search down to a specific major hyway? Or how about a log of someone that's made this run? I know there are geocaches in almost every rest stop along the way at least here in Wash., so I sure hope someone can come up with a good idea or two. Thanks for the help.

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Go to the Geocaching home page. Then select California. When Geocaching in California comes up, right up at the top you will see the link that says map. Click on that and zoom in, then pan all along your route. When you see a cache right on I-5, click on identify, and get the info for that cache. There are caches in both northbound and southbound rest areas. Be sure to stop by the California Dreaming geocache off Deschutes Rd. I just left two travel bugs there, both headed to Washington.

Email me if you have any problems with this.

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Thanks for the good ideas. I read the first post and wow, that's more involved than I'd like. I don't have S&T, so that shoots that option. The second idea sounds good too, but I have dial up and have been playing around with the maps and that is so slowwwwwwwwwwwww. I may just take 100 mile chunks and do pocket queeries and see if I can weed through those. If my Legend held more waypoints or I had a laptop this would be easy. I can see this might turn into a long process.

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When I go on I5 (live in Bremerton, Wa) or I90, I use Buxley's and start working my way down the Freeway. I click on every dot and bring up the page to see if I want to do it. Many times they are on the wrong side of the freeway or they are disabled. If I like it I put it on my Watch list. I usually only do that for the first day and then do a PQ for everything on my watch list. I use GSAK to load it to my 76S and to export it to Street & Trips. I use Cachemate to load it to my PDA. Right now my iQue is being worked on at Garmin so I would print out each cache for that day. Then I would repeat it for the next day working my way down the freeway. Lots of work but I do better when I do my homework and know what I am looking for. If there is a lot of caches in an area, I will use the nearby caches option on the web page. Good luck and enjoy your trip. Dick, W7WT

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