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  1. When you get to Moscow Airport, just go through the Green line. You wont have to declare it. I've been there and had a lot of $ and didn't declare it. Just remember when you leave to go through the line that had nothing to declare. Its easier to get in and out of Russia then the USA. I wouldn't let the Melitia see you with a GPSr. They don't even let you video around or in a train station. They also do not want you to take their picture either. I know all of the above from experience.
  2. This is a world wide relief effort. I am very proud to know there are so many people around the world that come together when something like this happens. There is an Organization I heard on the radio yesterday that has "kit's" that they are handing out that contain a cook stove and pots/pans, utinsels, a lantern, plates spoons forks etc. It dawned on me that getting food is the first thing but how do you cook it with out a stove? I love the practicality. Its called Samaritanspurse.org Samaritans Purse
  3. Don't settle for the 60c, get the 60cs! You wont regret it. It is more useful than I ever would have imagined.
  4. To echo what others have stated, Once you use a GPSr with an electronic compass, you will see the benefits. I have owned 3 GPSr's, 1 earlier model without the electronic compass and then the 76cs and now the 60cs. I cant begin to explain how nice it is to have the electronic compass. Do not listen to anyone that says "just buy a compass". I have used both and the 60cs uses the compass for routing as well. LISTEN to those that have them to decide weather or not its worth it! I doubt you will find an owner of one that is not happy.
  5. I have a 60cs and use this feature often. One thing I noticed is, if the business does not list a phone number they are not in there. I have been in front of a McDonalds that I know has been there forever, and the 60cs told me the nearest McD's is 78 miles. So I shouldn't be eating at McD's anyway.
  6. Phone guy

    Logging In

    I went on vacation and now I cant log in to gc.com. I need to log some recent finds but cant. I was able to log in here to post. I checked my paypal payment info and my membership was paid on 9/08/2004. Can you please help? Phone Guy
  7. Well I am an avid hunter. I live in California and we are not required to where orange while hunting(some states have this requirement). You have a much greater chance of crashing on the way to the woods than being shot by a hunter. If the hunters scare you, then stay home and by all means don't drive!!! I do not know any hunter that just shoots at any moving object and I don't know any hunters that have a desire to shoot another person. In fact they may notice you in the woods but we dont look much like deer. Most accidents occur due to a hunter dropping his or her gun while with thier buddies or shooting him or herself while unloading the gun. I know these cases are so few that even here in the most populated state in the country it hardly happens.
  8. I had this problem as well. I took a business card folded or cut to fit on top of the batteries and reattach the cover. Problem solved and I have not had another issue.
  9. Phone guy


    Make sure you calibrate your compass before going and use "off road" when you get out of the car and follow the arrow. Try to imagine where you would hide something you did not want just anybody to find. Dont be afraid to look at the hint if you are having trouble, gas is $ and multiple DNF's is frustrating.
  10. I will be in Wyoming for a week, Sept. 25th - Oct. 1st. I have a TB to drop and wont have a lot of time. I'm looking for a cache (close to I80) I can get to easily and drop the bug. I wish I had a lot of time but, not. I will be traveling by Pick up from west to east stopping near Rawlins for a couple days then to Cheyenne and on to Sidney NE. Looking for suggestions. Thanks, Phone Guy
  11. I only have about 200 caches found so far but I have used 3 diffrent GPSr's. I can tell you what works best for me. I have a 60cs. I use the auto routing (City Select v6) until I get close and switch to off road (topo). I love the way this works. I then use the electronic compass, I can stand in one place and the arrow will point to the cache site, I don't have to be moving to get direction (a regular compass will not do this for you). Also there is a geocaching mode that when used with GSAK or other software allows you to manage your geocaching activities. Garmin is the only ones with this feature and only the 60c/s and 76c/s. (there may be other new models I am not aware of). Well worth the investment.
  12. I have my 60cs mounted on my dualsport motorcycle and it works great. Very solid mount. Are you having trouble with the bracket that mounts to the handlebar? Maybe your handlebar is not big enough. If thats the case, get some good electrical tape and wrap the bar where you want the mount. There are two rubber spacers that come with the mount a thin one and a thick one. I believe you should only use one.
  13. For some reason, Easy GPS doesn't show the geocache symbol when you load the loc/gpx file. That's not a problem because you can edit it so it does. I think you need the latest versoin of EasyGPS though. I have 1.3.7. I don't know of any way to put the hint on the GPS. Right, I know how to edit it once its on the GPSr. Sometimes I will load maybe 60 caches so its a pain to change them all. Thanks for the input.
  14. I have a 60cs and load caches into it using a usb connection. I am using easy gps and when the geocache is loaded it shows a blue dot not a geocache symbol. How do I load with the correct symbol? Also can the hint be loaded?
  15. Surefire is no long the cheapest place to get CR123 batteries. I buy them from a place online that sells them in bulk. 20 batteries for $20 and that includes shipping. Surefire gets $15 for a box of 12 batteries and then you have to pay shipping on top of it. Eswau, can you get me a deal on some? Where is the free shipping?
  16. What you see as lazy, others see as considerate. Not very many others, or can't you read? I really don't care what you do. I just think (and I'm not alone) its really lame!
  17. Why be lazy? If you want to log a TB then TAKE IT WITH YOU TO THE NEXT CACHE!!!!! What is so hard about that?
  18. This link mentions what you are talking about. Some people "drop and retrieve" a TB and it never leaves their hand. I guess it makes them feel better. Fake numbers
  19. Why? Why? Why? WHY?????? (Why am I hearing thousands of cuckoo clocks all chiming at once?) Bob, they are NOT YOURS to gripe about. A travel bug is personal property that has been placed in public trust. Are you/can you be CERTAIN that these bugs are not being treated well? Ummmmm, nope. You live in a beautiful place Bob. I know because I was born there while my dad was launching rockets at "Vandyland" back in the 60's. Get in your car and drive down to Jalama Beach, or Surf, or better yet, hike/mountain bike over to Point Sal. (My favorite spot.) Sit and listen to the ocean and clear your head of this nonsense. Travel bugs are only THINGS and not worthy of a negative emotion. Hide a cache on Point Sal, right on the ridge line. People will rave (Trust me on this.) about it and you will have some much needed positive input from geocaching. Snoogans, You have an attitude problem! So they want to follow a TB what is it to you? I will quote you from another post: "Touché and well spoken. You are quite right. (for the most part) I have been in a bit of a mood haven't I? I shall vow to endeavor to persevere. I'm pretty sure I'll go off about this issue again sometime, but I will try to remember your wisdom."
  20. Ease up a bit. This is a game. Dont take things so serious. You all can do what you want. I will ignore you now.
  21. I don't think you're qualified to speak for most people. You wanna bet?
  22. I don't believe that is the best setting. I never walk 0 miles per hour. I think you may want to change that setting to 10 mph. Other wise you would have to be stopped for 30 sec for the compass to kick in. I have a 60cs and I believe I have experienced this same thing.
  23. Please calm down I did not say it bothered me. I just believe that is not the way I would want my TB's to run. I have several tags waiting to deploy. I guess I could ask for one retrieval and placement per cacher. Well as always I am very opinionated and I just need to stir things up once in a while.
  24. Yeah, the same as tag, hop scotch and dodge ball are "official" games Care to quote to me the page in the "official" rule book (I think it's Section 37 subheading 192A paragraph 4 ) that says you can't pickup and log a TB back into the same cache? As far as I know the "official" rules (aka the geocaching.com rules) are pretty slim and a lot is left up to individual cacher discretion to play the game as they see fit (not as I see fit or as you see fit). I like my government small and my geocaching "official rules" minimal. Just my 2 cents worth on the subject. Let me ask you a question, If I decided to log my placed cache about 250 times because I could and not have to worry about the owner deleating my posts would that be ok? Simply because the rules were loose? because it "is left up to individual cacher discretion to play the game as they see fit." Try to be honest about this. If you have TB in hand but do not intend to place it and allow someone else the chance to retreive it, then its no diffrent than keeping it. Why then would you ever leave it anywhere? Why not keep all TB's you pick up and simply log them as placed and retreived from every cache you ever find. Do you get it yet? Are the numbers so important to you that this is Ok in your mind? Maybe you but not me. I agree with the original poster that there are some things being taken advantage of. You do what you want but remember others see your stats and TB movements. Most people agree these things should not be done.
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