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Picture On Cache Page

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I'm having trouble getting a picture onto my cache page. Can somebody talk me through it?

I have uploaded the picture I want to my cache page, and I'm trying to insert it into the text. As I understood it, I need to write:


<img src="http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/yourpicture.jpg">


Well, I did that, and checked the box that indicates I'm using HTML, but all I get is a small white box with a red X in it. Where am I going wrong?


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After uploading a picture, I usually view the picture by itself so the address bar has the full URL of the picture. It will probably look something like



Copy that link and put it within the <img src="PUT URL HERE"> tag on your cache page.

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Uh, feeling like I'm going to be embarrassed here, I actually wrote "your picture". :tongue:

OK, so the actual URL for my picture is:




Exactly what part of that do I put in, in place of the words "your picture"?

Here's what you want:

<img src="http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/743eb210-cc0b-4df6-a201-cce7ad0b2b53.jpg">

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Are you trying to do this?


Try this:  <img border="0" src="http://yourpicture.jpg" width="379" height="290" align="left">


Change "left" for "right" as required.

You do nice work with the HTML on your cache pages, Crim.

Every one I've ever seen looks very professional.


So how come you can't figure out PQ's? :blink:

LOL! :tongue:


I know very little HTML, I use MS FrontPage and copy/paste the HTML code to the cache page.


I create a new geocache page and just put TBD or something for info. Then I upload the pictures.


In FrontPage I insert the pics from my hard drive and size them like I want them. That sets the code for the size and alignment. I open my new cache page and copy the properties for the picture, sub it out for the hard drive pic in the HTML in FrontPage. Then I copy/paste the whole HTML mess to the cache page.


I tried to figure out PQs once, I just had no idea where to start. Even Markwell's explanation fell short. I will get it someday when I have the time to play with it.

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Try this: Copy this following mess into notepad, then to your cache page.


<font face="Century Schoolbook"><img border="0" src="http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/743eb210-cc0b-4df6-a201-cce7ad0b2b53.jpg" width="290" height="290" align="left">You’re

all invited to Port Townsend! We’re having a multicache Romp around town.

Because of the extremely temporary nature of this multicache, we will be able to

present the waypoints in unique, unusual ways. We are striving for pure whimsy,

not difficulty.<br>

The Romp will start at precisely 4 o’clock at Pope Marine Park. <br>

<b> N48° 06.939

W122° 45.172 </b><br>

Don’t be late, there will be no trace left behind! Parking

downtown is difficult, so leave yourself some time. Come a little early if you

want to hook up for carpooling. Have your GPSr warmed up, and some gas in

your tank, we’re going to run you around town!</font>

<p><font face="Century Schoolbook">Final stop on the Romp is The Public House restaurant.

<b> N48° 06.830 W122° 45.502.</b>  If you should happen to get lost or left behind, you can just head there. 


have a reservation, and they will be setting up tables of 8 or 10. They would

like to have a pretty definite idea of how many are coming by June 16th, so

please log a note if you’re coming, and let us know how many of you there are.

When it’s time to cough up money for the check, keep in mind that they are

adding an automatic 17% gratuity to the bill, which seems to be common practice

with groups.<br>

I will be leading the merry Romp, but also bringing up the rear, cleaning up

waypoints, so I’ll be a little late for dinner. Somebody save a seat for me!<br>

I'll be providing fabric pens at dinner. If you like, bring a t-shirt of your

own, and we can all sign our geo-names on it, as a souvenir of the event.<br>

Care for an after dinner walk? Port Townsend’s most prolific cacher, Shunra,

will be providing coordinates for a memorial cache, to commemorate the event. It

will be empty, so bring a trade or signature item to help establish it. We’ll

have to find it, so we can log it!</font></p>


EDIT, Cleaned it up just a bit

Edited by Criminal
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