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Unable To Download All Waypoints To 60cs

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I had a similar problem a few weeks ago, or at least I thought I did. How are you determining that only 50 waypoints are being loaded into the 60cs? What was happening to me was I was loading hundreds of waypoints into my 60cs in preparation for a 500 mile trip. It looked like they transfered okay, but the problem was that whenever I then went to look at the waypoints on the 60cs it would only find a dozen or so. It was maddening. I almost called Garmin. Then I realized that I was tell the 60cs to find the nearest waypoints. The vast majority of the waypoints were near my destination, some 500 miles away. Apparently the find nearest feature only goes out to a certain radius and I was only seeing those few waypoints I had transfered that were within that radius. I switched to alphabetical rather than nearest and low and behold, there were all my missing waypoints!


So your issue might be that you are looking at the waypoints by telling the 60cs to find the nearest and it is limiting the number of waypoints that it shows you due to this radius limit.


Then again, maybe not. I hope this helps.

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