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  1. teamajr..how much to send to the uk and do you take paypal...
  2. just brought my son a etrex camo for his 11th birthday, so i had a thought, why not let him have the pleasure of using the gps for geocaching and why do i need my gps as well ..so i am selling my brand new boxed with manaul , etrex venture cx with colour day light readable screen and with fully routable uk v8 street level map card...only been switched on to test the autorouting (which works perfect)...i am looking for £185 plus any postage costs
  3. well , some people can be so rude...i emailed and pm'd this bloke re his etrex cx but didnt get any answer at all...if he didnt want to sell to me , all it needed was a polite 'no thankyou sir' reply , but want have i got....thanks a lot ivan...
  4. pm'd and emailed you ivan..just need a total cost to ship to the uk please,,,
  5. bump....remember your next vacation to the uk will benefit having this...
  6. genuine garmin micro sd card with uk version 8 street level mapping..will fit i3 or cx gps's....£60 delivered free..
  7. etrex will be $110 + shipping but i'm sure you can get it cheaper in the states....
  8. brand new etrex yellow still in unopened blister pack.for sale for £65.00 plus special next delivery @£ 5.35....uk only...pay by paypal or cheque..pm me if interested
  9. here in the uk we are using csv files for speed camera alerts and other stuff like shops etc...these csv files work well with the new i3 and other streetpilots..here's a link to the uk gps forum,have a read and it will probely help solve your problem..http://www.pocketgps.co.uk/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewforum&f=96..
  10. sorry chaps ..it is faster or shorter not quicker....my i3 came defaulted to 'faster' so i'll leave it on that ..thanks again
  11. i know how the faster or quicker options work on a gps navigation setup...but generally for every day use, what is best..any suggestions from experienced gps car/truck users..
  12. ok you all drive a hard bargain...down to £220.00 + postage
  13. 60c still for sale ....now reduced to £240.00 + postage for quick sale..
  14. 60c handheld with colour screen..atlantic basemap with mg europe v5 loaded....excellent condition and boxed with all the bits and a garmin bike mount included..also cd copies of mg europe v5 ,mg usa v4.01 (routable) and world map, all included in price of £265.00..postage £6.95..if interested email scarey2004@hotmail.com
  15. i live in the uk and used mg 4.01 on my 60c on two vacations in th usa covering in excess of 2300 miles on each trip and i can recommend this software highly...especially the low cost of buying it....
  16. metroguide usa v4.01 can autoroute on a garmin 60c/cs but later software versions cannot....is there a certain piece of software (autoroting patch) in v4.01 that can be extracted and inserted into later version softwares to get the autoroute capabilitys or is it not possible...i find that the price here in the uk of the city select very expensive and as i already have european metroguide v5 (which does not autoroute) i would to be able to 'patch' it....any thoughts?
  17. is it possible to change the 60c/cs background color from the factory set magenta to a more contrasty color like white for instance..i'm sure the roads and map symbols would be much clearer and better defined....
  18. thanks for that..when i had the egnos signal my accuracy went to +/- 15 foot is that good and comparable to the usa..i know its better than the +/- 25 to 30 foot i normally get...
  19. i live in the uk and recentely have been having little 'd' s appearing on the sat strengh bars..does this mean that egnos is operational here or do you think it could have been a test maybe......
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