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  1. I liked Gsak so much, I went ahead and bought a serial cable.
  2. Used Both My choice and that's all it is, 60CS both are great units, it all boils down to preferance
  3. First you must designate a cache or waypoint for the GPS to know which way to point you. You must enter manually or download waypoint to the GPS, and then press the find key on the upper left of the key pad, it will come up with waypoint and Geocache icon, at this point highlight and press enter on either one highlight the appropriate waypoint, and press enter it will then go to the "Go To" page press enter and away you go.
  4. Thanks again Clyde. I knew there was a way but I didn't know how!!!
  5. How do I load caches from multiple zip code areas, I have only loaded my area but I'm going on a mini trip this weekend and I would like to load caches from my area and my destination. I have downloaded both area code Pocket Qureys and imported them into GSAK but can't figure out how to get them to merge?
  6. I really don't care what everyone has to say about color GPS I own both the MeriColor and the Garmin map60CS. I've used both extensively both Geocaching and professionally and the Garmin display and ease of use wins hands down. Now on to the argument about Color or Monochrome as far as cost I've got a whole pile of money to spent on what I consider one of the cheapest hobbys that I've done in years. It's much easier to look at a color screen for long periods than a monochrome Sooo... for me I'll stick with a color Garmin 60CS!!!!!!!!
  7. I love my 60CS, but it seems everyone is tired of hereing about it. But here go's I love the color display that out does the magellan's hand down. I love the accuracy of the unit overall consistantly between 10 to 20 feet and as little as 7 feet. I love the autorouting feature it the greatest!!! But realisticly it all boils down to a matter of preferance the Magellan's are just as good and accurate as the Garmins and vice versa. Sooo.... to all the Magellan owners I LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!! after all after the GPS controversy were all brothers!!!!
  8. Try Strong Engineering,www.strongengineering.com, I use them and there great!!!! They have very low Glare but they do have some!
  9. Used Both Own A Garmin 60cs, The color display is Soooooo...... much better on the 60cs you can even see it in the brightest sunlight. for my money and I've cached and driven with both the 60cs has it hands down
  10. This needs to be moved to the Sofware forum where Clyde can address the issue!!!!
  11. Also I add the following Items Toilet Paper (depends on length of trek) Gloves Flashlight Lip Balm Pen and Pencil And I keep all the above items in a ready to go Jansport book pack works great!!!!!!
  12. ConciousNot, The lack of utilization of the USB port is well documented on a lot of threads thoughout this forum, But have faith Robert Lipe and Clyde England are working dilegently to supply the after market with it's availability and I here it will be soon. As for me I will use my serial cable because it is well supported and probably not change for a while and........... Because GSAK is the best dadgum program that I've ever used, because it can do it all where outhers have failed miserably. Not only that, Clyde must have one eye on the computer at all times when I've had a problem I have alway recieved a responce not in days and days (ie. GARMIN) but always in hours if not minutes as for me and my house we will use GSAK!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Clyde and all others!!! I just down graded to Software 3.40 and the problem is fixed I downloded all waypoints with no problem!!! GARMIN OWNS THIS PROBLEM!!!! WORD TO THE WISE DON'T USE BETA SOFTWARE!!!!!!!!!! Clyde again thanks for all your time spent working with me!!!! Jack
  14. Clyde, I thought I would send you the exact text in the error message, Maybe that would shed some light? It says (ERROR Sending Waypoints:GPS_packet_read: no DLE Garmin: Can't int com1)? Jack
  15. Clyde, I can send and receive waypoints using mapsource with either the serial or the usb ports i tried them both? and the serial cable is connected to Com 1 and the mapsource software detects it as such? Thanks for your time!!!! Jack
  16. Clyde I tried a system reboot but no dice, I still get the same message? I just can't figure out what happend? Jack
  17. After updating to Beta software 3.42 and when using GSAK to the serial port on the 60cs I now get a error message (No DLE Garmin can't initiate com 1 )When tring to send 500 waypoints to the gps.I have not changed my routine and have not had any problems to this date the only change has been the software from Garmin!!!!! I have had no problems converting to My palm I realize they have totaly different systems. Any Ideas?
  18. There are several models at best buy that are not too expensive and literally all will do a great job my son has a Palm Zire that has 2megs of memory that currenly has 600 caches loaded on it and has'nt maxed the memory yet the Zire 21 has 8 megs of memory but has most of the same features just basicly more memory. My favorite is the Zire 31 it has 16 megs of memory, Color display and has a back light for night caching the Zire and the Zire 21 are not back lit but both work flawlessly for caching. My favorite Caching software and this is a whole nother topic is CACHEMATE The best $7.00 I've spent on caching period!!!!! Just my .02 worth
  19. I have a 60CS and I use the compass on each and every cache, I would'nt have it any outher way!!!!!
  20. I would like to upgrade from a Zire to a Zire 31 what's involved? Do all I need to do is Hotsync from the old Zire software? or do I need to re-input all my data onto the new Zire 31 software? If I name my new PDA the same, can i just download Cachmate and use my existing unlock code?
  21. I use a Zire 21 and have had no problems, I have several hundred caches loaded and still have room. If I were going to by again I would buy a Zire 31 because the Zire 21 has no backlight and it's hard to night geocache. The Zire 31 has a backlight and is color.
  22. I've nerver done that, and I've updated several times!!!!!
  23. Cachemate is easy to set up, from the main go hit cachmate in the top left corner, hit nearest caches, enter coord's and cachmate will sort caches from that point. hope this helps!!!
  24. You can't go wrong on any Garmin or Magellen products. They both do the job very,very well it's just a matter of opinions on different systems and bells and whistles. As far as comments about battery life and all the particulars for a particular unit I can't help much because I'm a Garmin man myself, but just remember to have a lot of FUN!!!!!!!!!!
  25. Well TEAM TROUT, you caught the big one!!! I changed to list by name and their all there! I knew it was a settings problem but I did'nt know where. Thanks a million!!!!
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