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.loc .gpx???

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ok i have downloaded GSAK and have succeeded in uploading waypoints to my database and subsequently to my MeriPlat I have figured out that loc files do not display much of the detail info and that I need to be downloading the gpx files instead. I am a premium member and can do pocket queries. My files are still going to gsak as loc files. I would appreciate any help :lol:

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hello there,


whats the advantage of gpx over loc ??



.loc only includes the name of the cache and the coordinates.


.gpx has the name, corrdinates, cache type, cache size, difficulty/terrain ratings, description, last 5 logs, etc.

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(i am using PocketPC)


Then check out GpxSonar (see my sig. below for the link)


where can i download .gpx files and the software to read?


Each cache page allows you to download its description in .GPX format. If you're a gc.com member (best way) you can create Pocket Queries that contain a bunch of caches in the same format.


Check out this page on the site for more software capable of handling gpx files.


how can i import gpx files to my map?


Check out GPSBabel. It will handle just about any kind of conversions.


I hope this helps.




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i seem to be stupid.......

i'm now a full member, and i'm trying to download the *.gpx files, but no success. this is what i do:


- create a pocket query

- hit the button 'submit information'

- than hit the link on top 'run the search'

- i get the result page

- hit the button 'mark all'

- and hit the button 'download waypoints'


and i get the download window again with *.loc..........

yes, i do have ticked the box *.gpx in the pocket query........i have the same problem, when i search for caches close to my home coordinates.....any suggestions ?



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I'm not sure but I think the pocket query gets emailed to you as a zip file. So there's no need to 'run the search'. Once you hit 'submit information', your pocket query goes into que and it will get emailed to you when it runs. Then you download the zip file, unzip it, and the file will be a .gpx file, which you can then open in GSAK (and however many caches were in your PQ will be in there)


I've only done a few pocket queries and I haven't quite figured out the many uses for them. Good luck!

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yes, i do have ticked the box *.gpx in the pocket query........i have the same problem, when i search for caches close to my home coordinates.....any suggestions ?

You are almost there. Now you have to "schedule" your pocket query to "run". This is different from doing a search like you are doing now. On the Pocket Query page, you can checkmark off the days you want each of your pocket queries to run. On that day, it will get run at some point in the day and then you will be e-mailed the resulting .gpx file. You download the .gpx from the e-mail and you are off and running. Good luck and have fun!



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thks for your replies, but i want the file now !

nothing i can do to trigger it ?



Patience grasshopper.


I believe new queries are usually sent within a few minutes, at least mine always are. Enter your PQ, go grab a snack, and it should be there when you get back. "Regularly scheduled" queries will usually always arrive before noon on the day it is scheduled.

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i do think, that it would be nice, if one could chose aswell between *.loc and *.gpx , when downloading from a search.......wouldn't it ?


anyone addressed this issue yet to gc ?

Yes, it's been brought up, and shot down.


That was only 2 months ago, too... perhaps things still aren't efficient or the hardware beefy enough to handle it now either.

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