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Gps V Vs Ique 3600

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I have a GPS V, got it almost 2 years ago, and just love it. I am thinking about a PDA, and the iQue 3600 has caught my eye. I like the idea of an all in one unit, voice turn by turn directions, maps, and all the options I have come to love about the V. I'm concerned about the water resistance, and durability of the iQue 3600 under normal caching conditions. (I can be rough on stuff) I also see that the iQue 3600 has a patch antenna where the V has a helix. If I remember correctly the helix is better. I also like the idea of no cables needed from GPS to the PDA, or a GPS card. I will NOT be replacing my V with the 3600, but keeping it as a backup / rugged use unit. If anyone has experience with both units, or the V and another PDA please let me know.




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I think others have posted that the battery life of the iQue is a concern. Search the forums for iQue and see what comments you find. It's a neat unit and those with them in the car like them more then the V (which folks have upgraded from). The color, the additional memory, the additional routing speed, and of course it's a PDA are the top comments I've seen.

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it's lucky to get 5 hours battery life.

You won't even get 3 with the GPS turned on! If you use it in a car, you absolutely wil have to get the car kit for 12volt ability and a louder speaker. It has a much faster processor than the V and you can stick in all the memory you need! I love it, but it is not designed for outdoor use!

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I like the idea of an all in one unit, voice turn by turn directions, maps, and all the options I have come to love about the V.


I have a V and it does not do voice, just curious. Anyways, a PDA cannot and will not replace your average or above average gps unit. Here is a really good reason in my opinion quoted from the garmin websight:


"Most Garmin GPS units(ie; Gps V etc etc..) are waterproof in accordance with IEC 529 IPX7. IEC 529 is a European system of test specification standards for classifying the degrees of protection provided by the enclosures of electrical equipment. An IPX7 designation means the GPS case can withstand accidental immersion in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes."

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