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Looking For Gps For Beginner

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I'm quite interested in starting Geocaching, but can't afford a GPS at full price. I've tried eBay, they're a bit cheaper there but still too expensive.


If anybody has a Garmin eTrex or similar that they would be interested in selling me please reply. I would be looking for a unit less than £60 (and for you Americans that's $105.38)


If you think I'm mad at asking for one at this price, please tell me and I'll start saving up. I am in Manchester, UK.




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Yea, it's normally about $100US here. With ebay you have to watch it constantly. I have a couple of watches on some used GPS devises that jus tpopped up recently.


If you have your heart set on an eTrex it will be tough to find it for much lower that it;s msrp as it is a newer model. And old model like a GPS 45 you can find quite cheap. That's still good enough fo caching :)

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Thanks everyone,


I didn't realise that you could buy on ebay.COM and get stuff delivered to the UK. In the UK, you normally find your standard Yellow eTrex for about £90 (the lowest I've seen is £88.12 - and that's $155.53).


I'm going to bid on an eTrex with my birthday money, and thanks again for your help



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