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Pid Is Not Point Id


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Hey guys, don't forget that the US has 50 states not just 48.  What about Hawaii and Alaska.  As an FYI all of the Hawaii benchmarks I have seen so far are TU with the exception of a few AAs.

I have placed maps of Alaska and Hawaii on my web site. Neither is as ordered as the continental US. Alaska has three PID prefixes, allocated in large sections. Hawaii has one PID prefix for all of the main islands and another for the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, a series of atolls that run northwest from the main islands.

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He takes lots of pictures, sometimes 5 or more per PID. Not for every PID though, but then I have missed a couple myself.


I don't think I'll take on totaling his prefixes. It would require 75 downloads and then parsing out the finds from the rest. It's so much easier for a person to do it using their own account (you can't reach the list for someone else).

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Me & Bucky is obviously AWESOME!! (Over 3 benchmarks / day for a time period that I looked at -- 11/11/03 thru 5/20/04!) ;) I have seen lots of photos of his benchmark finds. He takes great photos also. And he has not been a member for as long as I have. My hat is surely off to him!!

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If you want to see some impressive numbers, take a look at the stats of  Me & Bucky.  I don't know how he can do so many caches and benchmarks. 


There are a couple parts to the answer to this one. First and foremost, the activity is FUN! :) I continue to be amazed by the history behind these disks, spires, water towers, masts, domes, et al. Finding these things is a link to this history and to the people of an area.


Unfortunately, Black Dog Trackers has already answered the bad part: A high degree of traveling <_< . I put in about 60,000 miles a year behind the wheel, all over the western U.S. Caching & benchmarking are a few of the things that keep the mind sharp on these long trips. I try to keep the two about equal (though I enjoy the benchmarks more) so that boredom doesn't set in.


Organization is important, too. I thought I was organized until I read what a few others do to get ready for benchmark hunts. I am in awe of that level of preparedness. I am still only to the paper and pencil stage, along with a heavy dose of quad maps and data sheets. Unfortunately, I am still on dial up access, which tends to be long distance when out on the road. This is why the picture logging tends to suffer (thanks for the kudos, happycycler and BDT! :D ) Its definitely something that needs work.


Observation is key as well. Spying monuments without the aid of data sheets or quad maps, while driving secondary roads, accounts for a pretty good percentage of my benchmark finds. The serendipitous finds, if you will. Each of these comes with their own "Well lookie here what I found" bit of surprise and excitement.


As far as PID prefixes, I just learned a couple weeks ago that they had a rhyme and reason. It may take a while to count these up.

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We can attest to the miles Me <_< covers. We did some benchmarking near Searchlight NV. to Nipton CA. and found some chiseled squares, and Me had already been there and logged them. We did beat him to a nice 1899 drill hole, but he had already found another one close by!


We don't want to expound on the area too much or Me & Bucky will get the good ones before we can get back over there! :) Perhaps we will be able to convince Me to show us how he does it....


John & Shirley

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First -

Kudos to Zhanna and rogbarn - I began to get the feeling that there was a rational system to the distribution PID prefixes (like SSANs and ZIP codes), but Zhanna saw it and rogbarn solved it. This has been an extremely interesting thread & I have enjoyed everyone's inputs. But Zhanna and rogbarn are the Crick and Watson of PIDs.


Second -

Kudos to Me&Bucky - an impressive (and growing) accomplishment.


Two of my most memorable finds were in Chaco Canyon, NM, where me and sixthings found two marks a few days before Me&Bucky rolled through the area.


I have accumulated 21 prefixes:










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Unfortunately, I am still on dial up access, which tends to be long distance when out on the road.  This is why the picture logging tends to suffer (thanks for the kudos, happycycler and BDT!  <_< )  Its definitely something that needs work.

I suffered the same fate until I switched to Verizon and invested another $60 for the cell phone/laptop interface and software. Now am able to get unlimited access anywhere 9PM-6AM weekdays and all day weekends.


Anyone have have a better suggestion?

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But Zhanna and rogbarn are the Crick and Watson of PIDs.


<_< Wasn't it Rosalind Franklin who truly deserved the credit for solving the riddle of DNA? It was only after Watson saw one of Franklin's x-ray crystallographic images of the molecule that the solution became apparent to him, and he immediately published the results.


So, shouldn't it be said that they are the “Franklin and Watson of PID's?!” Thanks for the insight, Zhanna (Rosalind!). Thanks for expanding on the concept, Rogbarn (James!) Both your efforts deserve applause. :)


Cheers ...

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