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60c Losing Sats...

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Has anyone else experienced losing satellite reception even while out in the open for no reason ther than maybe the tall water tank, strange cell anttena thingy or massive power lines overhead? Do you think any of those could throw recpection down to nothing? Wonder if this is a bug with the new software version 3.30? Plus, anyone notice how lakes are white now with that version? They used to be blue...



Never mind the water thing, I changed a setting in the marine settings while jaciking with stuff...

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well, i wonder if the strange cellular type tower & water tank that was about 30 yds. away during one search and the massive power lines we walked under during another could have caused some sort of interference?

I don't have the 60c, but power lines and cell towers do emit electromagnetic waves which could interfere with its reception or even prevent the weaker GPS signals from penetrating through them when close enough to the towers/lines.


Concidering the circumstances, I wouldn't worry about it. I wouldn't really expect too much from any unit when close enough to these types of structures.

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