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Loooong Geocaches

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I mean, i can really botch a cache hunt and walk way too far, but... what I'm talking about is...


Caches that are going to be more of a challenging hike, name the longest one you can find if you want, i'd love to peek at the cache page. A circuit of caches would also be neat... I remember passing a thread mentioning a series of caches placed by briansnat, i've gotta dig that up.


I've enjoyed backpacking in the Adirondacks a lot the last couple years (as it's the closest area to me with a good selection of hikes), but... as anyone knows... caches are forbidden in the Adirondacks, and although... you can find a -few- there's not very many.


Anyways, I've been trying to match up some coordinates taken roughly from topos in guide books and plug them in on GC and seeing what I come up with, but... it's kind of an arduous process, figured I'd go right to the source and see if anyone had an idea... I'm up for any ideas in the northeast. Markwell me if need be, i'm probably not the first to ask. TIA.

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Aircrash 3 in the Catskills is a good long hike. It's a virtual, but you won't be disappointed. I think it was about 7 miles RT from where we camped, so its probably about 8-9 miles RT from the road. Excellent hike, fantastic views.


The Catskill Critter cache also involves a pretty long hike. I've yet to find it, but I know the area and it's probably about 7-10 miles RT depending on how you approach it. It's one of 3 real caches in the Catskills.


There is also Its High, Its Far, Its Orange in Vermont which is a long hike. I haven't done it yet, but its at the top of my To Do list. If you approach it from one direction, its only a couple hour walk, if you approach from another, it could be an overniter.


The series of caches you are referring to is my hiker series. If all 8 caches are done in the suggested order, its about a 9 mile hike.

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For a loooong list of big hiking caches, check out just about anything FOUND or HIDDEN by Waterboy With Wife. :mad:


I have a list of what I call my "Boot Club" caches on my profile. These caches are all caches that I have found that required at least a 1.5 mile hike one way, or potentially dangerous terrain, or both.


There are several cachers in PA that have put some all day hikes and some overnight adventures. :mad:

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For a good long day hike to bag 3 cache's (4 if you want a waterfall virtual), try "Fraggle Rock", "Mouse Hole" and "Milling about Millbrook" in the gunks. Total length will be determined by the order you choose to find them. You'll be over 9 miles by the end of the day.

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If you guys up in North Jersey want to plan any more of your day trips to do some of these long ones post them here. I would be willing to make the 3+ hour drive for some great caching with great people. I would have loved to do the last one but I had to work. I end up working most weekends. Bummer. :(

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Sorry I am slow in answering this. Just came back from a hiking trip in Maine. (Plenty of hiking, not much caching.) I could say plenty on this subject, just not sure where to start.


Since you asked first about the Adirondacks I will mention two hiking caches that I found there.


Wanikaminplay Mountain Cache is about twelve miles round trip.


Indian Lake View is about eight miles round trip with a 2,100 foot elevation gain.


Leonid Cache is another good one. We approached it from the southeast (not the shortest or easiest way). Hike was about seven miles round trip with a 2,100 foot elevation gain.


Note for protocoldroid

As a hiker/backpacker first I believe the Adirondacks have the best selection of real hiking caches in the northeast.


I hope to make another answer with more good hiking caches in other sections of the northeast.

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Note for protocoldroid

As a hiker/backpacker first I believe the Adirondacks have the best selection of real hiking caches in the northeast.


I hope to make another answer with more good hiking caches in other sections of the northeast.

thank you muchly, esp for the adirondack hikes/caches :D if you noticed earlier in the thread, people were mentioning you as the man for the longer hike geocaches!


i guess the hikes i revisit in the 'dacks are usually nearest to old forge... and while there's usually plenty of caches on my route... usually not many caches where i'm out-and-about. as usual, i'm lifting the same old stones again and again and not finding anything, so definately 'preciate the pointers :lol:


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Another great area not mentioned yet is Harriman State Park. I often describe this area as a mini-Adirondacks. The mountains are smaller, the lakes are smaller, but there are many similarities. It is an area where you can pick up a number of outstanding caches, and do some long, interesting hikes/backpacks.


To start with I recommend that you purchase the NYNJTC map set for Harriman-Bear Mountain Parks.


Yesterday I performed maintenance on two caches that I hid in the south-western part of this park. They were No Hints NY Style and Water Tank. The length of the hike was 12.6 miles. I did not spend time on any other caches in the area.


Other hiking caches that we have found near here include:


Ramapo Torne

stAnlEy cachE


Nearby caches that we have not found that look interesting include:


Seven Hills Summit Cache

Shelters of Harriman: Stone Memorial


Please note that this is just in one corner of Harriman. There are about a half dozen other sets that could be written up.

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In northwestern Jersey the Kittatinny Ridge offers many hiking caches. For a good map of this area please check the Kittatinny Ridge maps by the NYNJTC. Perhaps the most popular over the last two years has been a roughly ten mile hike to pick up Helispot and Dreamcatcher. A recent addition to this loop is Rob’s Invite. Some hiking cachers will walk an additional three or so miles to pick up No Hints Bridges the Gap.


Again, I am trying to get you to go to two of my caches, Helispot and No Hints Bridges the Gap.



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