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New Location For Caches In Nj


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Around N40 46.409 W74 15.466? As long as the neighbors wouldn't mind suspicious folks crawling through the woods - and nobody would call the bomb squad to disarm your cache - I'd think it'd be ok! \


There's one sure way to find out: Hide the cache and see what happens! (I'll go try to find it!).

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Ok, i guess that answers my question...lol.....Any wheres, does any one know any close....close areas to hide it in that is close to..Gregory ave and Mitchell St? Kber already gave me two suggestions, but i am trying to gather abunch and then narrow it down...you know....lol

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Not sure if its close to any of those streets, but I used to have a cache in a placed called

East Hills Park off Shrewsbury Dr in (I think) West Orange . I archived it a while ago and don't think anybody else has placed a cache there since. Coords were N40° 47.257 W 074° 17.730


Plenty of room there for a smaller cache. Ammo box may be too big.

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hartclimbs. did you go there already?

Yup, I was there - but couldn't find the cache. :mad:


Seriously? No, I just looked on my mapping software to see where you were talking about (and got the coordinates from there).


As Brian said - the best thing is to hide a cache where people logging it (and restashing it) are hidden from casual passersby and/or homeowners. Of course, some folks hide urban caches right out in the open - but if you're going for a traditional cache - something hidden in the woods that requires a nice walk to find is just the ticket!

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There's still a lot of virgin territory in South Mountain reservation between Northfield & South Orange Aves. Just pick a spot that's not within view of the homes on Oak ave. :mad:

Better yet...Try finding a few more. You've only got 2 finds. You can get some great ideas from observing how other people hide caches.

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I know that I only have 2 finds, the major reason that i dont have a lot is becuase i dont have a chance to go ut to get alot since to get out and find alot becuase i go to school, and that i would always need someone to drive to the places... you know...


Anyways, i just want to replace my cache somewhere.


I am going to hopefully take a look at the shrewsbury dr location.

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