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New to this and excited! <my introduction>

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I just heard of this Geocaching today and signed up, etc. I am 32 years old and I will be using my Garmin Etrex Venture (I bought it about 8 months ago for on my mountain bike). My wife said that she will be happy to go along and my 6 month old loves the outdoors so it sounds like it will be a blast!


I can't wait to get started! and even more so I can't wait to place my own cache!


Maybe I'll bump into some of you in my searches!


Thanks for listening,


John aka RadCcab


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it is too late for you. you are now doomed. doomed, i tell you. soon you may consider an ammo can to be a suitable mother's day present. you may come to perceive an small watertight container you find as an excellent micro. you may begin to think of parks as begging to host caches.


happy hunting.


it doesn't matter if you get to camp at one or at six. dinner is still at six.

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All of you are exactly right. I've only been doing this for one month and already I have run out of space to store water tight containers in my house. I eat altiods like they're going out of style just for the tin can. I put off buying a new truck to replace my 6 year old GEO just because I am now using more gas and need the smaller vehicle to get in to tighter places to park so I can get closer to caches. I wake up an hour earlier than necessary just to read the forums. When my wife wants to take a day trip I ask her what's the zipp code of where we're going. She thinks I'm a lunatic. But I love it.


What if the Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about?

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Thank you all for the great welcome!!!


We did our first cache tonight, it was waypoint GCF22E and we were successful! It indeed got us hooked!!! (ahhh man another hobby to add to the long list!)


We then tried to find waypoint GCEE7D and could not even find the correct spot (maybe GPS was being scrambled, I am not sure). Anyway 1 for 2 isn't too bad I suppose!

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Great on your first find. You will soon start to see everything in a Geocaching way. When in a store you start to look at containers with the thought of how you could plant that somewhere. I find myself taking special notice of every park I see while driving around.


Welcome aboard, say goodbye to your money and sanity.


"We never seek things for themselves - what we seek is the very seeking of things."

Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)



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