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:( Can't really tell what it is. Upper left is a Notrh reference, upper is hand level, a 3 legged tripod with some kind of instrument not a transit and the intrument person looks a little wierd, the rod person is holding some type of reflector. It could be some type of Electronic distance measuring systems (EDM) cover. It is not any that I have seen before. Distance finder printed on the face is not a term that US surveyors use. EDM is the term used for distance measuring lasers. I don't know what it is. Looks interesting. Great find.

Surveyor9769 :huh:

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This is a sWAG with not much Scientific to put in front of it.


My money is that it's some kind of optical distance finder that predates the EDM type machines by quite some time. The base plate doesn't look rotation friendly and that would rule out a more traditional type of survey instrument.


The reflector referenced could of had a pattern that made it easy to get an exact focus which in turn would let you estimate a distance with better accuracy than otherwise. Using the base plate picture the instrumnet doesn't appear to use 'stadia' to estimate distance.

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Here's a thought: It might not be part of a surveying instrument at all, but instead a type of holder, buckle, or bracket to hold a surveying instrument. Kind of like the leather holder I have to hold my pocket tape on my belt. Judging by the rust stains, it obviously held something. The square holes look like they could have been used to strap the item onto a belt or pack.


Also, the term 'Distance Finder' might not be refering to what the item is, rather to what the pictures are of. Surveyors are distance 'finders' of sorts.


Or maybe it's a fancy light switch cover.


- Kewaneh

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I was thinking it might be part of a wood case the instrument was carried/stored in?


No other identifying marks, patten numbers etc?

What do you think was mounted on it? The rust and clip spots along with the potential rivet indicate that something was mounted there. The plate looks like aluminum. The instrument? rusted for a long time before it separated from the plate.

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No other marks, patent or such, or maker. The two brackets on top (small forward and larger back) and obviously held something metal that slipped into place. Thats what the rusted piece is. The post in front either stopped the piece from sliding further or was a gunsight piece. The back of the plate has two long bent tabs to it like it fit into place over something. The four square holes perhaps for switches?? or toggles?

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