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Geocaching Etiquette


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Some people are very ritualistic about caching.


There's a cacher near me that wants to find and hide the cache regardless of the circumstance. I’ll call her Abba. A bunch of us were at the event cache and passing it around. Abba was there waiting in the wing. I offered it to her but she refused. I passed it to some other cachers. She waited for them to finish and asked them to replace it. After they replaced it, she did her thing. She wanted to find, sign, and hide, not just pass it around.


Abba did the same thing with a near-by cache leaving the event. On the way home, I was thinking how peculiar it was but then came to understand it. She wants the full experience. I guess that's why there isn't a "Grabbed it from" option for caches like there is for TB's.

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I have run into other cachers twice so far. The first time there were three new caches in the area and we searched for the first one at the same time, but separately. I found it (FTF, btw) and we all signed the log. Then I let them have at the second on their own while our group went for the third. I thought that was very generous of me, no? No need to hog the FTFs. :lol:


The second time I was alone looking in a park for two caches. I ran into a couple with children and we hiked together and searched as a party, found both caches and signed the logs. It was interesting meeting a newbie who was still learning how to use his GPSr. I am a veteran of some 5 months of caching... :ph34r: But it is surprising how much you can learn in 5 months. Then again, he walked right up to the second cache while I was still looking at my GPS!

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If the other cacher looks like this:






- T of TandS

Yes run cause it is me and I am the new Riddler of Columbia, SC muhahaha <_<

Yeah, you've run me over a couple of times. And we're about even in the mutual geoheckling department.


Geoheckling: Watching and 'helping' another cacher find one you've already bagged. Especially fun when the hide is yours!


- T of TandS

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