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List Your Recent Archived, Disabled, Caches Here


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The aforementioned caches plus a few others, will be archived shortly after I leave this forum, and they will be re-listed on another caching service.


In contrast to my previous statement to PNWAdmin, the containers for the above said caches will not be removed, but the logbooks for each of them will be changed to reflect their new assignments.


It might also be of interest to those who are unaware of other caching organizations, there are three more of them, i.e. WWW.TERRACACHE.COM, WWW.LETTERBOXING.ORG and WWW.NAVICACHE.COM.


Some of my GC.COM caches are also listed with NC.COM, but none of them will be listed with TC.COM and vice versa.


Never put all your eggs in one basket!


/\**/\ FLEDERMAUS /\**/\

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