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OK I'm sure that will have been discussed b4, however, here goes again.


The dilema I find myself in is as follows: I have a 60CS (excellent GPSr) with Map Source World Map and the US base map. I am looking at one of the following puchases:


1. City Select 5 Europe (Where my home is) as it is fully routable and everything will be contained in one rugged compact unit. Or


2. A PDA (exactly which one decided if the PDA option is best) on which I could run fully routable software of europe. And I'de get a PDA as well.


CS5 Europe costs about £300 :o for this kind of money I can get a decent PDA, software and still have change for a beer or two.


All and any advice (including usefull links) on this subject would be gratefully received.

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I bought City Select with my 60cs even though I also use a PDA. I use the PDA with cachemate for paperless caching, but to hook the two up for mapping purposes seems duplicative and inefficient. You will have to connect the units with a cable, purchase whatever mapping software you are going to use on the pda, and you will be severly limited by the reduced battery life of your pda. If you go that route, I think you would have been better off with an IQue instead of the 60cs.

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How about a PDA with city/street mapping software for the autorouting with voice prompting, then use a TOPO product on the 60CS? Connect the two via cable while you're in the car, separate when in the field and only pull out the PDA when checking the cache details.


I would never use my Pocket PC as the source of routing while in the field; they're just too delicate.

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