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  1. A friend of mine has a Magellan GPS Pioneer for sale. It is a very sturdy unit, in good condition, and fully operational. This is an older model without any "bells and whistles", but it would be good for someone wanting an inexpensive unit to get started or to use as a back-up. First $20.00 takes it.
  2. I have been using GSAK for awhile, and a couple of days ago something very unusual happened. For some reason, GSAK started showing 1 too many finds in my find count in the bottom right corner (highlighted in yellow). When I filter my database for found caches, I get the correct number, but the find count at the bottom still shows 1 too many. I have tried the repair/defrag option, but it didn't correct the discrepancy. I have also completely updated my database with a full set of PQ's, but this didn't fix it either. Anyone have any ideas? Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. What happened is that an old find log on one of my found caches was deleted by the cache owner in error. I then had to repost my find after corresponding with the owner. My next PQ picked up the new find log and GSAK is now counting it as a second find for the same cache, since GSAK still shows my original log (which no longer appears online) in addition to the new log (on the same date). Now my question is, can I somehow delete the original find log in my database so that GSAK only counts one find for this cache?
  3. The easiest way I can think of to do this would be to create a new database. Then from your merged database create two gpx files, one for the route and one for the radius around the hotel. Next select the blank database and import both files just generated. Now download all caches from this new database to you PDA and to your GPSr. You can delete the temporary database at your leasure. Hope this helps Cache Well Another solution that would work (and that I often utilize) is the user flag. Start by clearing all user flags, then filter along your route and set the user flags. Then filter around the hotel and set the flags. The last step is to filter by user flag and you are all set to send to your results to the gps and pda. I do this all the time, sometimes merging 4 or 5 different filters into one list, and it has worked well for me.
  4. Yes you can, but you can only display one map set at a time. The gps will automatically display CS unless you hide it, then it will display Topo.
  5. It sounds like you are downloading the .loc file instead of the .gpx file which has the additional data. Make sure you select .gpx and it should work.
  6. The Legend does have a basic route function, which simply takes you from point to point in a straight line. When you reach a turning point in the route, the arrow will indicate the direction of the turn. You have to create your route manually, or create it on your computer and then download it to the gpsr. Autorouting is much more advanced as the gpsr will create the route for you and follow the road as it tells you which direction to go. (Everything that I have written here assumes that you have a Legend and not a Legend C as others have pointed out).
  7. Both will work, but with City Select, you are paying for autorouting which is not supported on the Legend. Metroguide provides you with almost identical map information as City Select without the autorouting detail (which you can't use anyway) for a lower price. Also, metroguide doesn't require an unlock code which will make it easier if you ever replace your unit. The only advantage to buying City Select would be in case you plan to upgrade to an autorouting unit in the near future, but keep in mind that you only get 2 unlock codes (for use on 2 gps units only) with City Select.
  8. Going from one metroguide map to another should be seamless, but what you are describing sounds like you are nearing the edge of your metroguide map. When you cross over, it should switch to the basemap.
  9. I've been using GSAK with Cachemate and have been very happy with both. I decided to give plucker a try, though, and I am having the same trouble that others seem to be describing. I have been able to load a file with 400-500 caches, but anything bigger causes the program to crash. I am using plucker desktop to convert the gsak html files, and I am trying to load about 2000 caches. Anyone have any suggestions?
  10. Battery power is the biggest obstacle for a portable unit. Anything that can be hard-wired into a vehicle and draw current from the vehicle's battery is a little more practical, and is widely available now (onstar for example).
  11. I've been using GSAK with Cachemate and have been very happy with both. If I started using plucker, would I get pix as well? If not, is there a good way to do that?
  12. Sax "File" "Export" "HTML" Is that just for Pocket PC's or will that work with my Palm, too?
  13. Looks like a problem with my ISP. Thanks for the responses. Closing Thread.
  14. Not bad. Keep in mind that even with the compass on, it will only stay on when you are not moving. It is unlikely that you would want to leave it on continously when not moving, so actual performance with the compass on should be higher if you were moving part of the time. Same with the light. It is unlikely that anyone would leave the light on continuously for that long. My experience with 2200 mah batteries with the light/compass on intermittently (normal use) has been excellent, at least twice as long as with my Legend. Probably around 20-25 hrs.
  15. Is anyone else having problems receiving pocket queries? The last one I received was on friday. The pq's that I had scheduled for saturday and today indicate on the website that they have been generated and sent, but I never received them.
  16. Within 50 miles: 115 Within 50 miles not found or owned: 6 Within 100 miles: 269 Location: Norfolk, VA I remember when there were only about 60 within 100 miles...
  17. My experience has been that some airlines allow gps units in flight and some do not. Turning off all electronic devices, including laptop computers, usually only applies to take-off and landing. I have been asked to turn mine off before during a flight, and other times I have asked and been told that it was okay. Last time I flew I asked the pilot before the flight if it was okay and he said no problem.
  18. The upgrade is only for the 60cs and 76cs, not 60c and 76c. The only changes made relate to the built-in compass.
  19. Update 3.4 is available for the 76CS as well as the 60CS as of today. The above link doesn't work, though. Start at the home page and you will find it.
  20. Probably not a good idea, unless the council is willing to give permission for geocachers to come onto the property, which I don't think is likely. I think that you will find that they will only allow registered scouts and scouters to use the camp and then only with a camp use permit. You would have to check with the local council that operates the camp to find out if they would grant permission.
  21. The 60cs doesn't use the battery cover for the mont like the etrex line did. There is a piece that clips on the back of the unit from the notch in the bottom to the swivel. Once that piece is attached, it will fit into the same mounts as the etrex, so your existing mounts will work fine, you just need the piece that clips on the back.
  22. "Is specialized equipment required? No Yes Specialized equipment includes: Boats, 4WD vehicles, rock climbing gear, SCUBA, etc." The above quote is taken directly from the rating system used by gc.com. The listed items all have something to do with special equipment that is needed to physically reach the location of the cache. I wouldn't consider a camera to be "specialized equipment" for a virtual any more than I would consider a pen to be "specialized equipment" for a micro. I understand the point that you are trying to make, but I think you are really reaching beyond reason. Edit: Oops! DEMP beat me to it.
  23. Why do you need Easymps? I just use GSAK to export an MPS file to Mapsource, and transfer to my 60cs via the USB port. Works great. Not sure why you would want to add that extra step. I agree that it is much better to use the USB port instead of the serial port. It is much faster. Especially when transferring up to 56 megs of maps, you will want to use the USB.
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