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Tracking My Unique Tb ???????


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I have a unique item, for a TB, that I think people can have fun with. I will have them serial numbered and place them in my new cache. My problem is how do I track my own unique TB? Do I have to depend on cachers notifying me where they are or should I put that request on the tag.


I have done a lot of searching for this question and have not come up with any good answers on how to track my own TB. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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There are a few other tracking systems out there which may or may not require you to purchase the associated tags or numbers, like discussed in the thread Dino Hunters linked in.


The problem with those systems is that they are not Groundspeak, so they are not integrated into the GC web page. On GC you have to enter the tracking number, but it's within the GC web page system, then the bug drop is just a drop-down selection after that. The inde tags/numbers make extra work for the finder to log the finds and drops for them. The finders have to navigate to and within another web site for the find and drop or maybe just send an retreive and a drop email to the inde bug owner. More work means less ... compliance.

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