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Will the Garmin dash mount thats used on the Vista work for the 60cs? Or do I need to buy another dash mount.

Are the battery covers the same on both units? :D

I just went through that one myself. The suction cup and adjustable part of the mount is the same as the eTrex. However, to mount the 60 C/CS, there is an additional cradle that fits the new GPSr which attaches just as the battery cover would. Unfortunately you cannot just buy that cradle, otherwise it would be interchangeable. No, the battery covers are different. I have both the Vista and the 60CS, and now have two separate mounts.


Hope this helps...



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The suction cup mount for the Vista works fine for the CS. The one with the expandable jaws. In fact I like it better than the new suction cup mount for the CS. The one for the CS is very cumbersome to use with the a/c adapter and because the adjustments is limited your passenger has a better chance of seeing the GPS than you do. The Vista one has a wand on it to move it in the direction you want. There is a suction mount PDA holder out there that works great also with the CS. But I am very dissapointed in the Garmin suction mount for the CS. They obviously wasn't thinking. Just my opinion I guess. I wrote to Garmin but have not heard back from them at all after two weeks now.



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I picked up dash mount for my 60CS and to be honest, I'm not very happy with it.


Not omni adjustable

On bumpy roads, the GPS bounces around

Combersome to get the GPS in and out of

The mount gets in the way of the power cable


The Ram Mount for the 60 should be shipping soon. Its a much better design and costs about the same.

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mount for garmin 60c/cs

why not use an adapted 'auto note pad' the ones that stick on your windscreen with a sucker...you can get these from dollar or pound shops ...you take of the note pad then drill a 'keyhole' type hole so that the 60c with the belt knob attached goes in the hole and locks into place...works for me.

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