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Online Maps With Cords?

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It's been a while since I have looked at Microsoft Streets and Trips but I think you use to be able to get the cordinates from the street there. Probably wasn't the most accurate but got you pretty close and you could adjust it.


Check it out if you have Streets and Trips. It may or may not give you what you want.



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Multimap gives lat/long, but the site sorta s_cks.


MSN mappoint still does this, but the coordinates are hidden in the website address bar that results from the search.

MSN is the best of those I'm posting here.


Maporama lists the coordinates at the bottom of the results page from an address search.


That's a short list, there used to be more...

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I believe that MS Streets still does this... not 100% sure...


Also, you could utilize microsoft.terraserver.com by finding your location on an aerial and placing the cursor over that place. I believe the coords are shown...


RP :rolleyes:

Yes MS Streets and trips does that. It is the same engine that the website listed above uses.


Just do a "find" for the address (a push pin is created) then go to "tools"/"Location Sensor" and move the mouse to the push pin. It is not very accurate as I tested this using my home address but it should get you within (I am guessing) a tenth of a mile.


Hope this helps,

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