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Grand Trunk Cache In Hamilton


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Myself, my son and Amazon Annie plan on hunting for the Grand Trunk cache this Saturday at around 3:30-4pm.


I couldn't find it this past weekend, but I am sure it must be there still, just buried somewhere. It looks like it's gonna be a nice day on Saturday, so if anyone else wants to give it a try with us, we welcome the extra eyes...or even better if there is someone that found it already, that would make things better too. :D We plan on parking by the Kimberly Side Trail entrance at N43 13.660 W079 48.811, which is less than 500 meters to the cache.


We also plan on doing Urban Rollercoaster afterwards too and then Flamboro Casino Token Cache and time permitting some others around Waterdown.


We'll be doing Willie 2Tents first on sat...perhaps around 3pm, on the way to Grand Trunk.

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Ya, a last minute mini event...I'm sure lots will show up if they can log a find on the event...lol. And free snow cones for everyone...gotta do something with all that snow covering the cache.


Algonquin Bound, let us know when you do Erindale Stones, so we can drag you out to Fence. hint hint.

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