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Little Confused About City Select V5


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Just got (from Amazon) City Select North America v 5, while waiting for my first GPSr to arrive (a 60CS).


Box says I need a serial port. I only have USB on my laptop.


Box says point-to-point routes on GPS V, iQue, and GPSMAP 76.


Just to be sure: USB is ok and it will do point-to-point on 60CS.


I know the 60CS has a USB port and Garmin web site says CS NA v5 works on the 60 CS, but I feel I need to cover myself.



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Any Mapsource product comes with the map data and the download/viewing engine.


Garmin offers free, downloadable upgrades to the engine. The most recent version of this "engine" is version 5.4 which does support transfering maps, waypoints, tracks and routes via the USB port.


After installing City Select select Help => About Mapsource...


If the version number is less than 5.4 download and install the newest code from here:




This should give you USB and/or serial access to your City Select.

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What you can do is install the trips and waypoints manager CD that comes with the 60c first. The CD also includes the USB driver for the 60c. Then when you install City Select, it should install on top of Trips and Waypoints manager (they will use the same program interface). This will be automatic when you install City Select. I hopes that helps.

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I also have the 60CS coming with CitySelect. I have Mapsource Topo,and MetroGuide 4.

When I load the CitySelct I assume it will intergrate with the current Mapsource? So when I want CitySelect to show I go to the tool bar window on the left of the zoom in icon, and drop down the list and pick CitySelect ? In that list now is Topo with the different sections of the country,no map, and Metro Guide.

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