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I'm fairly new to Geocaching. Been doing it for 2 months now. I'm getting ready to send out a couple travel bugs. I'm looking for some recommendations that will help my TB reach it's goal. I have no goals worked out yet, I just want to get everything ready ahead of time. I'm thinking that I'm going to launch one for my 5 y.o. son and have it hit specific places. Haven't worked them out yet.


What can I do to increase the odds that my TB will reach it's intended destination?





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Add a laminated card with the TB's goals. Make sure you keep a copy of your TB tags so you can resend it out later when it gets lost.

It is not a bad idea to attach a laminated card with the T-Bug's goals, but I have found it more important to include logging instructions on the card. In my experience, bugs go missing because people either don't understand what they are, or they don't get how to log them. Since I have been attaching instruction cards, I have had better luck with my bugs not becoming MIA. RM


Here is a Word file that I use for my cards. It prints out on standard business card stock and then you can use a business card lamination pouch. You put the two cards back to back and then laminate them. There is a small blank area on one of the corners where you can punch a hole.


Here are a couple of examples:




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