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Captain Morgan
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From now on, FTF on all my caches will be reserved for paying supporters of geocaching.com only, i.e. all my forthcoming caches will be "Subscriber-Only" - caches at first. Once the cache has been found and logged, they will become viewable by all.


I think this idea is good if the cashe is visible for newbees after the first find has been registered.

Im going to Færøyene nxt weekend and are going to plant the 2'nd cashe in that country :lol:


BTW: WHat do FTF means ?

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Could you Kettu pls let us know if your Credit Card bill will show up as expeceted or is there anything extra 

Nothing extra appeared on the bill this time either.


But a warning to those registered at PayPal:

I got yesterday a mail, which seems to be from PayPal and urges me to update my account info.

Just that the mail is in reality a .gif image linked to a Russian hoax site and the link which you click and starts with www.paypal.com is just a part of the image and doesn't lead where you think it does.

Naturally, it's a general rule that the credit card companies, online shops and such should never ask for any confidential info by email, but I just thought I'd pop up this warning in any case.

Safe shoppings!

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Nordea ei suostu, patistamisestani huolimatta ottamaan kantaa PAYPAL-palveluun.


Hyvä Avainasiakkaamme.

Kiitos viestistänne.


Kotimaiseen käyttöön on Nordean Solossa rakennettu Mobiiliraha-toiminto, Kortit-linkin alla Solossa. Palvelukuvaus kannattaa lukea Solosta.


Korttimaksamiseen internetissä on vastattu edellisessä vastauksessa. Verkkomaksaminen Visa- ja Visa Electron-korteilla otetaan käyttöön omassa Solossa.


Pay Pal-tilillenne voitte lähettää rahaa Solon Maksut/ Ulkomaille-toiminnon kautta, kun saatte tietoonne pankkiyhteyden ja tilin numeron rahan lähettämiseksi.


Pay Pal´lla ja Nordealla ei ole yhteistyötä.


Ystävällisin terveisin

Nordea Asiakaspalvelu

Raili Laukkanen


Eivät kuitenkaan suostu sanomaan 'pahaakaan sanaa'....

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Today I decided to become a premium member too, and payed through PayPal. At least now it seemed to work without problems and I had my premium status in less than a minute. Perhaps they've developed since.

You lucky b*strd!


I payed through Paypal 9 days ago. The transaction has cleard my account, but still my subscription code doesn't work.


I've emailed contact@Groundspeak.com, emailed hydee, Started a topic on this forum (Geocaching.com website) but nobody from GC-crew answers! This is bad customer support, and I'm feeling ripped off :o

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I have been using Paypal more than 200 times during last tree years and never really had any problems with that. My opinion is that it's very reliable and easy way to pay over internet. I have used my account once to pay premium membership for another cacher and it went thru immediately. After few minutes I had activation code in my email and it worked right away... for me it's hard to believe that there is any better way to do it. I guess Paypal will handle at least thousands of auctions per day at ebay and I'm 100% sure that it has to be reliable company because it's trusted worldwide and in ebay.

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for me it's hard to believe that there is any better way to do it.

IMO, it would be easier if Groundspeak accepted credit cards directly without having to move money via third party.


I believe PayPal works for the most people just fine, and the safety aspects have probably been taken care of too. However, I never could validate my credit card with them, resulting that it was locked completely out of their system. I don't know if they had something against especially my credit card provider, but I just got a reply like we're sorry, but your CC number is locked and you can't enter that card hefe any more. Please use another credit card. Or something like that. Hello, I don't have any other card! :)


Well, Groundspeak has promised they'll start accepting various credit cards for membership payments 'in the future'. I hope the future is coming soon, my membership expires in May, and I won't start to fight with PainPal again for that, so I'll remain just an ordinary member.

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