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Gps Realtime Mapping Software

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Ok.. I pair my SporTrak Map up with my laptop using Microsoft Trips & Streets 2004 and use it while on the road via the real time GPS support. It's awesome the way it shows you exactly where you are traveling along a certain road. My question is this.. We used it for directions to a restaurant and while the directions were right on the button the software could do more. I don't know if I'm dreaming or if there is software out there that does this.. I would like it to show you what leg of the directions you are on and then announce when you should get off on a certain exit or make a certain turn.


Is there any software out there that does this?



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I find the voice to be a little irritating at times though.

You can, of course, turn off the voice.


If you want it to speak but you don't like the voice it defaults to, you should have some other choices. The Microsoft Text-to-Speech engine installs either three or four different voices by default. There are a number of other speech synthesizers that also use the SAPI protocol, which is what Street Atlas uses, but I'm not aware of any others that you can get for free.

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So what exactly does Street Atlas USA 2004 do? I looked at the website but it wasn't all that informative.


Is it basically just like S&T2004 but with better GPS functions? Does it tell you what leg of the directions you are on and actually speaks to tell you when to turn?


Anyone selling it or know where to get it cheap?


Thanks for the replies!!

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