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Would It Be Allowed By Gc?

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If a cacher dies and wants his/her grave to be a virtual cache, would it be possible?

How many cachers would like to have an own waypoint on the gravestone, like:




Here rests a cacher

who was known for

always finding the

caches. Hope you

will find some in the

heaven also.. Don't

forget to log them!"


And then something below the stone that are decrypted with the GC krypto.. And that are the thing cachers must mail the owner before they can log this virtual cache.

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This reminds me about an idea I got awhile ago. B)


Many people have actually thought - more or less seriously - of making their tombstone a cache. Just do some forum searches. Since I'm not very much into virtuals, the idea someone got of a secret compartment in the tombstone where the cache container would be struck me much better. B)

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I would think this part of the guidelines would come into play:

Signs, memorials, tombstones or historical markers are among the items that are generally too common to qualify as virtual caches. 

Of course, this idea is not exactly a common idea, so I would suggest you consider the next part of the guideline:

. If you don't know if it is appropriate, contact your local approver first, or post a question to the forums about your idea.

You already posted here, I would suggest contacting your local approver before you die. :unsure:

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You would find it very depressing, after creating your tombstone virtual cache, if it were not appoved, not that being depressed is likely to be a problem if you're dead.


To prevent this possibility keep the geocaching guidelines in mind:

....so please consider adding a micro or making the location a step in an offset or multi-stage cache with the physical cache placed in an area that is appropriate.


You could hide a micro cache now, then specify some information on your tombstone (such as your birthdate) to be used to calculate the coords for an actual cache.


I'm not sure the geocaching guidelines allow caches for those too dead to maintain them, though. It might be better if you just stayed alive and forgot about this plan. :unsure:



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Yeash, I just got a crazy idea today, but as Divine wrote, I'm not the first psycho who had thought about it :unsure:

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Even if you started with a really big logbook, you would be unable to maintain your cache from Heaven (or whereever else you may go). I'd have to vote for virtual (but don't tell Ish'n'Isha I said that) :unsure:

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