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About Using My Picture In Avatars.


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holy cow!  Where was I when Smurfs got so huge?

What smurfs?


(My question will make sense three months from now when everyone reverts their avatars back to normal).


Until such time, I hearby post my smurfy avatar in the body of this post.


Blue for a day

What am I supposed to change my avatar 'back to'?



You should have changed it to a different smurf for today.

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Just tidying up the forum a little bit, as we have two threads going on that both have turned into smurf-fests. I'm closing this one in order to spare carleenp any further reminders of the avatar festival which preceded the smurfs. The Other Smurfy Thread will stay open for any folks interested in posting to memorialize their temporary smurf avatar for posterity's sake, until it drops off the page in the ordinary course of things.


Smurfy avatars were fun! :lol:

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