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Caching In Dc And Annapolis


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I will be visiting D.C. and Annapolis this weekend. I won't have much time to cache, but I would like to bag a few in each locale. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I also will be driving over from Ohio via 70E-79S-68E-70E to Annapolis. Does any know any quickies to hit at any rest areas or anything like that?

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mostly virts around the memorials and such. regular caches might attract security and the 1000's of visitors everyday would probably stumble across anything less than the most devious hidden caches.


we did a weekend down there and actually grabbed a wayward tb that had been left in a tree by a cacher in town on business who never got to a cache so he left it tied with a rubberband about 500' from the lincoln memorial and asked for help on the forums.


have fun

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Has anyone ever been on like a white house tour with their GPSr in their briefcase/satchel type thing?


I was just wandering cause I'm planning a trip up there this summer, and I'm getting tickets for a tour from my senator, and I don't think it would be very efficient to go from the suburbs (where the hotel will be) into town without my GPS so I don't get stopped at the security checkpoint and then have to go back and get the gps...

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