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What's Your Best Accuracy Numbers?

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Shouldn't that read "What's your best accuracy ESTIMATE figure"  ;)



Blah, blah........

Yes another year, appears now no different to the previous as for a moment there (just for a moment) one might have expected to see the last of the 1 foot, 2 feet, 3 feet accuracy (er sorry 3 feet estimate) rubbish, no doens't appear so.


But then of course then there's auto-averaging :)


Cheers, Kerry.

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Shouldn't that read "What's your best accuracy ESTIMATE figure" ;)


Cheers, Kerry.

Listen to Kerry, people! He is absolutly right. The best way to use the "Accuracy Reading" is simply as a gauge for how your unit is doing on getting a good or not so good fix from the sats. Nothing more than that.

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Yes, very true. I've had my unit get 4' accuracy a few times. It was during a nice clear day, and when I checked the Sat. reception screen, all 12 were lit up to almost 100%. But on average, my best is about 6'-8'.

Which is pretty close to the limit of what you can do without adding extra digits to your GPS position.

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