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Custom Geocoins


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I had a pair of custom rubber stamps made and got some blank nickels from Ye Olde Wooden Nickel Shoppe for $18/pound (about 200 nickels). The stamps were about $20 each. Now I can make all the personal signature nickels I need. I will post links to the sites I used when I return home to my puter :o

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The craft shops like Michael's are still spendy. Check Old Time Wooden Nickel Co, blanks are $18 per 1 1/4 pounds, that is about 200 nickels for $0.09 cents each. I got my stamps custom made at theStampMaker.com for about $20 each, I have one for front and one for back. I then pealed them off of the square stampers they came on and mounted one to each end of a 2" wooden thread spool, perfect size for stamping on 2" wooden nickels :unsure:. Be sure to use StazOn ink pads, they are the best I found for stamping in the finished wood of the nickels. End result look like these.

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Oops. Well, looks like I'm likely to learn a little lesson soon.


Oh well, worst comes to worst, I'll find some cool looking paper, stamp it, burn the edges for effect, glue that baby down, and put some clear coat on it.


Thanks for the warning. :unsure:


"When life gives you potatoes, make a potato gun."

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