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Using Mapsend Topo & Direct Route


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I have a brand new Mericolor and I am an idiot about these gps's. It seems that I can only download one to be used on the unit at at time. Can't I put both on the gps at the same time? I had the direct route region on and it worked fine. I then downloaded the mapsend topo of basically the same region. Now my direct route is gone. WTF? I am not even coming close to using up the memery on the thing. Help!!!!!!

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The only way to have both is a SD card and then you cant use both at the same time. Upload the image to the card then rename it then upload the next image. Use the GPS to toggle between the two.

The only way to use EITHER is with an SD card. You cannot save maps to the internal memory.


The programs default to saving the maps with the same name, therefore writing over each other. You can use an SD card reader/writer to change the name of the file.

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You *can* do that; the only drawback is it takes two cards. If each card has a map file called DETAIL00.IMG on it, that would be loaded when the unit is turned on.


Usually there's enough room on one card for two or more map files, so that tends to be the most economical method. (Plus, it's convenient to have one place to have your waypoint file(s), track file(s), route(s), etc. without having to duplicate them onto a second card.

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