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I Screwed Up My Caches Page

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Looking for a little help here... While editing a cache page, I must have done something pretty bad. The page used to display properly but, upon attempting to add a link to the WGA website the page now comes up completely blank. It's not even displaying the "edit this cache" button in the upper right hand corner... I think I'm screwed for any further editing on my own...


Has this happened to anyone else?




Any help would be great!




Team Flushingrouse

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When I get the green blank page. I've been clicking on VIEW/SOURCE in IE and the code is incomplete at the end of the page...I would assume that's why I'm not seeing anything else..


But it works for others...


But how??


I'm stumped..


Will have to sleep on it...


Thanks for any help!!!!!


Team FG

Clear your browser cache, then try again.

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That was strange. I'm not sure why it would display, but it couldn't be edited.


What happened was, when Team Flushingrouse or I brought up the edit page, there was nothing after the Long Description edit box. No Hints section, no Submit button, nothing.


I found 3 problems in the html:


1. There was an un-closed comment.

<!--blah blah->

which would effectively kill everything after it.


2. The standard page footer somehow got included into the description. Be careful when using View Source on another page that you don't grab too much.


3. MS Word sucks at creating HTML. It adds a bunch of non-standard tags that non-MS browsers tend to choke on.


For future Markwelling, when something sneaks in to the code that prevents the Submit button from being used, here's the steps you can use to fix it:


1. First, fix the html to remove the problem. If in doubt, delete everything.


2. Change the cache type. This refreshes the page, and since the offending html was removed in step 1, the Submit button appears. Don't forget to then change the type back to what it should be.


3. Press Submit to save the changes.



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I came in too late to help with the problem, but I'd like to say the cache is a cool idea.


Neat to see something a lil different.

There's actually a huge flaw in the concept. Most people are going to enter the waypoints into their GPS, and turn it into a route. That's the logical way to do this, if you're going to be walking from point to point. But once they do that, they can just look at their map display, see the route lines, and instantly know that the answer is the OVT QVCCRE (Rot13). Besides, there just aren't that many 9-letter constellations that the average Joe knows the name for. It's pretty easy just to guess.

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