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Travel Bug Write-up Attached To Bug?


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I'm getting ready to release a few bugs into the wild. I've noticed that some people attach a small page explaining the what and how of travel bugs. The only downside is that aesthetically bugs look nicer without a text attachment, I think. If it will keep my bugs in circulation longer it's worth it but it would be nice if it wasn't necessary. Thoughts?

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My partner in crime has told me to attacha tag for each of my TBs as well. It certainly gives a person an idea as to which direction the TB is going and whether or not there is a specific goal which needs to be addressed. I agree it does affect the overall look of the TB. I am going to release another one soon and see how far it goes without the tag.

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If you use Arial Narrow you can print a LOT of text on a 1" * 1.5" area. Once cut out, laminate with self laminating sheets (most office supply stores) and then cut in the shape of a travel bug and punch a hole in it with a paper hole punch.


A TB tag doesn't need to be big. The self laminate also works well for waterproofing coordinates that you may want to use in a micro-multi or for laminating instruction sheets.

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I vote for using the tags, if you have a specific goal for the bug. If it "just wants to roam" it's not as big a deal. I'm sure I'm not the only person who does 'spur of the moment' caching. I'll have PQ's to be able to find caches, but they don't have the travel bug pages for bugs that may be in caches. If a bug has a tag, I can see it's goal and decide if I can help it along, or if I should leave it in the cache for the next person. No tag, I'm taking it with me, and I'll TRY to help it along, but it just might end up getting detoured, because my caching takes me in the opposite direction the bug really wanted to go.......

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If you're caching somewhere away from your house, and you find a Travel Bug, you're going to take it, its geocaching nature. However, you may replace it on the wrong side of the country simply because you have to. If a tag says that a bug is supposed to go to Canada & you live in Texas, then we can prevent things like misplaced TBs & even more ranting threads.


If you're concerned with the look, place your ID tag & bug in a Ziploc, seperate from your card. (I did that on my most recently released bug)


Also, an idea that just came to me: if a bug has a really complicated goal (I want to go New york, then Seattle, then Mexico, then Alaska...), just print out the Travel Bug page & put it in the geocache, in the log book Ziploc bag, or one that you would supply yourself, with the TB.


Tags are very helpful.

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I started using a laminated page, explaining what a TB is and the goal of that specific TB. I have it down to the size of a business card. Here is the text of one:


This is not an ordinary trade item. It is a travel bug called

“Lucky Bug”. It’s goal is move from cache to cache as

quickly as possible. Its been said that it will bring you

good luck as long as you don’t keep it more than 7 days.

If you keep it more than 7 days, I won’t say it will bring

you bad luck. But nobody has dared, so who knows???

If you can’t help Lucky Bug reach its goal,

kindly leave him for someone who can.

For more info about travel bugs, see:


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I started using a laminated page, explaining what a TB is and the goal of that specific TB. I have it down to the size of a business card. Here is the text of one:

My travel bug tag is business card size and I have printing on both front and back. Front size identifies the bug, the bug's number and the goal of the bug. The back side tells how to log the bug at geocaching. I don't think I've lost a bug, since I started attaching these tags to them.


I use self laminating cards that I picked up at Wal-Mart. Scotch Brand Self Laminating business card size. They work really well. :(

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