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Fake hollow rocks... if I made some, would others want 'em?


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Hey folks...


I have a bunch of pottery/ceramics experience. I have been thinking about putting those old skills to use again to make realistic fake, hollow rocks for geocaching.


I could do nearly any color or shape or texture. I can make one big enough to hide a decent-size ammo can, if I wish.


If I could make these to order, would anyone else want 'em? They'd have to cost a bit, like $20-40 for one large enough to hide a largish ammo can, but it IS possible...




-Elana (a.k.a. "sparrowhawk" and formerly a.k.a. "falcospav" here on this site.)

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I would like to see you make one and place it and see what sort of reviews it gets. I would also like so see some pics when you have them. You have a great idea but they would surely have to be durable and realistic. If you do go ahead and make one or two post the pics and lets see what you got.



So far so good, somewhat new owner of a second/new Garmin GPS V 20 plus finds so far with little to no problem. We'll see what happens when there are leaves on the trees again.

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I would probably not buy one because I could make my own, but would it stand up to winter freeze and spring thaw? Just looking at what happened to my teracotta pots that got left out over winter I would wonder about pottery rocks. The elements can be pretty harsh in certain parts of the country. Perhaps you should make a few, test a few , let us know how they do, and we'll contact you.

(that rhymed)


Cache you later,



"To err is human, to forgive....$5.00"

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Hey guys, Why use fake when real is better? It does not take much to bore out a rock to fit a film can! icon_razz.gif Take the rock you want to use to a tombstone carving place and have them bore a hole the size you want. Or go to a construction company using a rock drill and have them punch a hole. Or a rock crushing outfit might do it for you also. You might even be able to go to a power tool rental place and get a hammer drill and bore a hole yourself. Myself, I have a lot of pumice and just use a wire wheel and bore the hole I need. icon_biggrin.gif


Later, logscaler.

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geeeeeze ... we are planning to make things tough,

are we not?


.. perhaps you should try a micro film cache...

as a third leg of a really tough sequence based on pure pace walk-off with required magnetic det. calcus and hide the micro film under an artificial bird dropping.

You could install an RV park near by so we could all stay there for the summer while we searched. ... LOL...


.. seeing myself now having to pick up every rock bigger than a baseball to see if its's been bored out.



** The worst suggestion of a life time may be the catalyst to the best idea of the century, don't fail to listen to suggestions.

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poksal, It sounds as if you don't like my idea!icon_frown.gif


Just think, if you had a whole field of rocks you needed moved, you could just post the "wrong" cords and "accidentally" leave a wheelbarrow or five gallon bucket or two laying around and "suggest" that anyone looking just fill up the container with none cache rocks and pile them up over in the corner to get them out of their way! icon_biggrin.gif


I already have one cache out in a hollowed out chunck of pumice and it is on a hump of rock with lots of other pumice around it. icon_mad.gif


TTFN, logscaler and Red

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I make mine out of styro-foam,paint,sand and lots of clear finish but I have only made 2.Lots of work-1_I gave away as a prize and the other I have been carring around in the trunk of my car looking for the right place to put it.I'll post a pic. later


Everything's Eventual"-Stephen King

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Originally posted by poksal, grand kids & wife:

geeeeeze ... we are planning to make things tough,

are we not?



I've seen it done. It was origninally a cancle stick holder. I real rock with a hole bored into that just fit a film cannister. It was hidden in a small field of rocks. If it wasn't for the clue, we'd still be there.





Pedal until your legs cramp up and then pedal some more.

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I have a 14 " diamond saw that I cut all types of stones with from Agate to Zircon I have 2, 6" diamond saws as well.I have made several real(fake)stones myself,I have all the diamond tools to hollow crystals or what ever you want,but thats a diffrent hobby.I guess I could hollow icon_cool.gif out a crystal and hide something in it??? icon_wink.gificon_biggrin.gif Or another great thought just hit me I have some petrified wood I could cut down and make a micro-cache


When all else fails Geotry again.

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Hey, cool! I get to do my 1st Markwell!




I was thinking of creating my own rock out of 'Stuff', and see what I could do to artistically enhance it. Home Depot and some craft stores have spraypaint that creates a 'rock' look. I was also going to scour garden centers this spring for (hopefully inexpensive)well head covers, or maybe some fake rocks designed for those small water-gardens or koi ponds.


They do make stress balls that look like fake rocks (when I placed the Travel Cache, I attempted to use one as the 1st step in a multi), but apparently a critter got to my fake rock 1st, and UMC was lucky to find the film canister. I imagine some squirrel somewhere is nesting in a bed of stress-ball pebbles....


I walk the Maze of Moments, but everywhere I turn to, begins a new beginning, but never finds a finish... -Enya, Anywhere Is

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