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going back to a logged cache again for a TBug

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Perfectly acceptible. Bug collectors (bthomas, in our area, is one of these) will keep an eye out for travel bugs they haven't seen yet, and if one is in a nearby cache, they can go grab it (all the easier since they already know where the cache is). I don't think this is looked down on at all.



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I don't do it myself but I do not see anything wrong with it. but I also do not remove TB unless I am going to another cache that I can leave it in.

Last year I picked up my first TB and forgot I had it for over a month, then felt like an @ss for holding it so long.


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I wanted to be part of the Cannonball Bug Race and when a pair of bugs arrived nearby, I ran over to the cache to get one of them so I could move it to the next state. It was a cache I'd been to a year ago but going there was the only way to get one of the Racers. That night the owner of the other Racing Bug e-mailed me and asked if I could pick his bug up too! So I had to make my third trip the the cache (it gets easier every time). I didn't see anything wrong in visiting old caches for a new purposes as long as you don't log them as additional finds.

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