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Disable a cache due to lack of foliage for fall/winter??? Snow Tracks?

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One of my caches is very well hidden from public view in the summer months, but not so in the late fall / winter months.


While driving by the site the other day on a very busy street I looked across the pond to the cache site an could see that a cacher would be in plain site from this street.


Also, (as my 1st winter since geocaching) I am somewhat concerned about snow tracks. Should I remove/disable these more public caches during the winter months to prevent pillaging?


It's a same, because I think winter caching would be fun and challenging. It's the public nature of two of my cache sites that concerns me.




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I have a number of caches in the Buffalo, NY area. I will be doing a maintence run this weekend and will determine if I should pull the caches temporarily until spring or if they are okay where they are. My gut tells me that most of them will be okay, but I have a feeling one or two may have to get temporarily yanked. I am more concerned with appropriate cover for the cachers (bushes, etc.) than snow tracks, but you never know.


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Last year I left all my caches out through the winter. We didn't get much snow last year, but there was one instance where a finder noted evidence of a previous cacher by tracks in the snow. All the caches survived the winter and most had finds.


Still, if you are worried about your cache, then disable it. Maybe you can hide another one nearby that can be found in deep snow. I've heard of some geocachers suspending their caches from trees, or placing them high up in the crotch of a tree.


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That's the beauty of hiding a cache way back in the wild!!!! Not even a vague chance of someone spotting you there.


I do have one roughly 100 yards from the highway, but the risk in this situation is about the same regardless of the season.


I understand the fact that hiding a cache in a park or similar carries the risk of being spotted due to roads leading to and from the area. And yes, the footprints in the snow...... I've not experienced the snow aspect yet, either (Member since April), but I guess we'll see what happens.


Take a chance, then maybe a non-geocacher(or hopefully many) may spot you and "snoop"--then TRANSFORM icon_eek.gificon_eek.gificon_eek.gif into one of US!!!

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I guess if I were walking through the woods (pre-caching days), I would think any footsteps leading off into the woods would be someone sneaking off to relieve themselves......and I'm certainly not going to go check it out to see what they were doing there. Of course now, any trail we see, whether it be a walking trail or a deer trail it most certainly has a cache hidden at the end of it icon_biggrin.gif


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