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Favorite Ammo Box size???

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Just curious, before geocaching the most common ammo box size I've seen has been the 50mm.


Most of the (few) caches I've seen have been using a narrower ammo box that I presume to be 7.62mm.


What's your favorite ammo box size for placing caches?


(Yes, I realize it depends upon cover, size of the hiding spot, size of the cache contents, etc. But, What's your personal preference?)

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I prefer the 30 cal size (7.62x54 NATO...also known as .308) But I also have some larger sizes, including some large plastic ammo cans that originally contianed 25mm shells...still water proof and all, and open on both ends.


ummmm....not sure what to say here....so ummm, well errrr, uhhhh, well I guess that's it.

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They hadn't heard of any supposed scraping of surplus inventory. We have tons. I would love to ship you some, but would it be worth it? $5.95 + Tax + Shipping....


Major Surplus has them 3 for $19.95 + S/H ($6.95). $9 a piece. A little pricey, but worth it if you need it.


If you win, some on eBay can be had as low as $8 w/shipping.



wavey.gif Go! And don't be afraid to get a little wet!

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