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4X4 Cache Guided Tour?

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After placing our multi-cache that requires a high clearance and/or 4x4 vehicle we thought this might be unfair to many cachers who don’t own or have access to one. So we have been wondering if there’d be any interest in some type of guide service? Some thing along the lines of an adventure assistant. Someone who might supply a vehicle and driver for those who have not been fortunate enough to get out and see the back country. Or maybe someone who owns a 4x4 but would feel more comfortable having another vehicle along in case of a break down 20 miles from nowhere.

Personally I wouldn’t have the time to do this on a regular basis, but I could do this once in a while to help out a fellow cacher have a fun and exciting cache hunt.

Any ideas, suggestions, or opinions?


John & Shirley the 2oldfarts



Everybody is entitled to my opinion - the ornery oldfart

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The whole idea behind this thread is to find out if there is interest in helping others get out and find some off road caches, not advise them to rent and destroy someone elses 4x4.

I don't have the free time to help a lot of others but I am willing to help out if schedules match-up.

We know there are some who would like to try for some remote caches but don't have experience driving a 4x4 and might appreciate some assistance.

Anyone else willing to offer some decent suggestions.





Everybody is entitled to my opinion - the ornery oldfart

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While I am not into the 4x4 crawler activities, my son belongs to a group that is just as passionate about that sport as most of us are about geocaching. I think this idea has merit. Next time I see the kid I'll present the idea.


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Well, I understand where you're coming from as I put out caches I consider to be 4X4 caches as well. However, my intent was to put out caches that are for those who are 4X4 enthusiasts. Anyone who would be interested in hitting these caches would either have a 4X4, or would obtain one in order to find these caches. I have never even thought of putting together a *service* that might help them to do so.


If your intent was to make a normal, everyday, traditional cache, that everyone can get to, that's one thing, but if it was to place a cache for folks that are 4 wheelers, then let them be 4 wheelers. Anyone else, they can catch a ride...LOL.


Actually, if you want to go to that much trouble, it's a great idea, I'm just not that much into *everyone* being able to reach my caches. Otherwise I'd think those that have scuba caches would help supply scuba gear and even lessons for those that can't reach those caches otherwise, LOL.



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