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The New Jeremy Pic


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Is there anyone who does not love this new Jeremy avatar pic? I hopped on the boards this morning and couldn't help but like it. The new tagline made it even better. The more I see it the more I think, "dadgum, that would be a good Windows wallpaper pic too."


Jeremy, where did it come from?





What do you think of the new avatar?

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Originally posted by RAD Dad:

Reminds me a lot of Mike Myers actually.


HA, that's exactly what I thought when I first saw it! I do like it though, and the tagline is GREAT!



Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

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Not sure if you thought it was someone else, but it is indeed me. I used one of those old school carnival photo booths to do a goofy b&w.


I've been told I look a little like Mike Myers, especially with my Austin Powers glasses on.


Jeremy Irish

Groundspeak - The Language of Location

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OK, for lack of knowing where to post this question, here goes:


When I became a charter member, I submitted a digital photo (75k) to show my ugly mug when I posted on the forum. My message gets here, but no beautiful Slower Pace.


What do I need to do to correct this horrendous problem?

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