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  1. I don't find a Speed Filter on my 60CSx. On my screen I have an Anchor Drag Alarm, Off Course, Deep Water and Shallow Water Alarms. There are check boxes to the left. All of mine are not checked. Should they be checked?
  2. I would check to see if you both have the same firmware. Go ~ (menu->setup->system->Menu->Software Version), to check what you're running. You should/could see Software Version 3.00 and GPS SW Version 2.90. If not, keep reading. As Garmin continues to improve its firmware, they are really good about offering updates. Use the Web Updater - http://www.garmin.com/products/webupdater/. This will load an app that will keep you current with any updates. Hope this helps. What the... I thought I had signed up for the Garmin "Let me know when the software/firmware was updated". I still had 2.70 on my 60csx. Reading this post, I quickly went back to the Garmin website, selected the 60csx GPS information, and downloaded the latest and greatest, 2.90. Plus I signed up again for the notifyer feature. I won't trust that again, though. I'll make it a habit to check every month for updates.
  3. Yeah, I just got mine today, and I was flabbergasted they would have the amount and all the rest of the rebate info right there in plain sight for all the postal world to see! It's enough to go postal over....
  4. The Rayovac 15 minute rechargable NiMH batteries are great. Just get a DC/AC inverter and plug the charger in while you drive. When the set in your GPS dies, fresh ones are ready to go. Then charge the drained ones as you drive. I bought a Rayovac 15 minute charger and two batteries for about $15 a year ago. The extra set of 15 minute batteries is about half that. You have to use the special batteries, however. Regular NiMH and NICAD batteries charge for about 16 hours, like in any other charger.
  5. This has probably been discussed before, but I couldn't find it with the Search mode. Anyway, what are YOUR feelings on someone visiting a cache they have already found to snatch a Travel Bug? Not far from here is a person who I feel is intent on logging travel Bugs as much as logging caches. He must have all the caches in a certain radius on his watch list. When a bug pops up he dashes off and retrieves it. He does log them and send them on their way, but in my opinion he discourages others, especially newcomers, because they seldom get a chance to find their very own Travel Bug. So, is there any "etiquette" we should follow on this matter? Or is it every man for himself and nuts to the rest of you? Please respond if you have an opinion. I may be looking at it from a different angle than you, or you may agree with me. Once I log a cache I never return and get a Travel Bug from it, even if it is a Jeep. I feel the next person who visits should have that privilege. I don't even go back to my own hides to get a bug, whether it be a Jeep or rare Geocoin. Am I shortchanging myself? Comments, please...
  6. I splurged and bought the Garmin auto mount stick-on mount plus the sandbag weighted mount, about $30 each. The sandbag is what I use, as it's portable, but you have to buy the suction cup or stick on mount to get the bracket that holds the unit onto whichever mount you choose. I then park my car and place the sandbag mount, GPS already attached, on the floor and cover it. Or, if the weather is not hot, in the trunk.
  7. Here it is almost a month later. Garmin worked with me over the phone for 1 hour and 45 minutes to get the unit to connect. An error code 10 kept showing up. He said my computer chipset may be too old to run the new software/hardware connection. So I had a new computer built, picked it up yesterday, and Yes!! I have it up and running now. I even downloaded the newest software upgrades and installed them on the unit. It now tells me I have software version 3.00; GPS software version 2.70. I'll have to say, the technician at Garmin was quite patient with me, as we tried every trick in his book to get it to connect. So if you have a similar problem it may be you need a newer computer.
  8. I have a new Garmin MAP60CSx. If I just use the 64MB card for now, how much of an area of City Navigator NT can I load on it, and can I still download GSAK caches onto the card? Or, better yet, is there any internal memory in the unit that I can download GSAK files into?
  9. OK, I've narrowed the problem down, but I still need guidance. When I run Trip & Waypoint manager, click on Help, About MapSource, there is a box entitled "USB Driver Versions". I click on it and it says "No USB drivers Installed." What gives? I uninstalled the program and reloaded it. No dice. The envelope for the CD says "Includes USB device drivers and MapSource." How do I go about installing the drivers? I even downloaded new drivers from Garmin, and ran the installer; I thougt I did anyhow. So how do I get the computer to use them? While waiting for a reply I'll update the Waypoint manager on the Garmin site and try to re-install the drivers. I'll be back...
  10. Not only am I having a problem getting my computer and new Map60CSx to be friends, I got sandbagged just trying to get an automobile mount for it. I went into the sporting goods store and looked at the various mounts for the Garmin 60 series. Aha! A nice sandbag critter that was portable from my car to my pickup. Perfect. NOT! The portable weighted bag doesn't come with a mounting bracket, just the base and locking mechanism. You gotta buy a regular stick-on dash mount or suction cup model to get the necessary mount that attaches to the GPS, and the base that snaps into the sandbag base lock. At $30 each, I had to make sure my wife was next door at the crafts & hobbies store... Wait! There's more!..... So I bought both ($60) and went out to the pickup and tried to figure out how to connect the GPS to the mounting bracket. It said to "tighten the screw until snug" to keep the bracket on the GPS. Huh? What screw? There was no screw. So I went back into the store and told the guy the screw was missing from the package. "No, there is no screw, my friend. It came with the belt clip when you bought the unit. And you can buy another belt clip from the store for $11." Yeah, I did get a belt clip, and it was a long ways off, at home. So I used a rubber band to "mount" my GPS on the drive home. How stupid. What would it cost Garmin to put the necessary screw in the package with the Auto dash mounts? At $30 a whack for plastic, they should give you two screws. Come to think of it, I guess they did....
  11. I read all the posts from December and January, checked my device drivers with the GPS connected, and nothing. Zilch. Before I take a deep plunge, somebody stop me if I shouldn't do the following tomorrow morning if I don't get rescued: 1. Uninstall Trip & Waypoint Manager. 2. Unplug USB cable from port. 3. Use Norton Go-Back to August 31, the day before I received my Garmin. 4. Play like I just got it; load Trip & Waypoint Manager, then go to the Garmin website and update it. 5. Plug in USB cable, turn on GPS and see what I get? The downside is losing all the other stuff I did since last Thursday on my computer. But backed up all the critical things anyway. Do you fellow GPS users think this is too extreme? No, and I ain't gonna reformat!
  12. Yes, it is. But I understand that is only for a serial port connection anyway. But it is set to Garmin. When I click on USB Mass Storage the icon showing a GPS connected to a computer shows up on the GPS, but nothing happens. I left it like that for 15 minutes. Also, nothing shows up on the computer system tray (or anywhere else). It does not show up on My Computer as a card reader or USB flash drive does either. I was hoping it would show up as a card reader like my camera card reader does. (It is Compact Flash, not SD). But I still get power through the USB cable, because when I unplug it the GPS tells me I've lost external power. I also downloaded the newest update of MapSource Trip & Waypoint Manager (19mb). It installed itself and had a screen telling me it was installing the newest drivers also. I still can't get it to say "Connected".
  13. Yes, I tried everything I can think of. I swapped USB ports. I turned the computer off and hooked the GPS up and turned it back on; it never saw it as a new drive or hardware. I went into the Hardware/USB portion of the computer report and it was not listed. Perhaps someone can just tell me what they did to get a successful "Connected" screen on their GPS, and that may help me understand what I'm doing wrong, if anything.
  14. I searched all the threads, tried several suggestions, and am stumped. I loaded and ran Trip & Waypoint Manager as instructed first. Then I placed a waypoint at my home. Then I plugged in the USB cord into the computer and my GPS. I wanted to send the Home waypoint to my GPS just to learn how to do it. It says I'm not connected, but I do get power for my unit through the USB connection. I went to the Garmin site and reloaded the USB drivers and ran the driver setup program. It still says "Not Connected" My wife is gonna kick me out of the house if I don't tear myself away from the computer soon! Help!!
  15. Like wvabackpacker, I too am an experienced backpacker, for over 36 years now. I have never had a problem with bears. I make lots of noise, etc. Geocachers should also make noise in bear country. But what works best for me is to bring along a friend. That way if a bear attacks, I have a 50 -50 chance of getting away! And if he is slower than me, better yet... [This message was edited by Slower Pace on June 11, 2003 at 09:17 PM.] [This message was edited by Slower Pace on June 11, 2003 at 09:18 PM.]
  16. I haven't found as many caches as some of the pros here on the forum, but I usually connect. What I do with my Magellan 315 is use the compass screen till I get to within 100 feet. My alarm beeps. I stop for a few seconds, turn off the alarm, and go to my position screen. I walk to line up one of the coordinates. I usually go past it a bit, then back, just to make sure. Then I follow a straight line on that coordinate till the other lines up. I'm almost always within ten feet of the cache. Not always, I admit, but most of the time I'm pretty close. I also like the idea of paying more attention to the terrain than to the GPS, looking for the obvious. I'm going to try that next time. There are several great ideas on this thread.
  17. I'm about to hide a Member Only cache. Can any person access them by going to Profile, then checking the caches hidden by that user? Is there any way a non-member can view the cache page, or register a find? Would they need to log on using a Member's computer to view or claim a find? My reason for Member Only is thefts of caches. I don't believe the thiefs are members. Some in the community are good, honest Geocachers, though not yet members. Could I e-mail them about the hide, have them find it and log it?
  18. In an area where I frequently look for caches, someone is looting every cache in town, then leaving a bragging note. I plan to hide a Member Only cache there, as I doubt the looters are members. I think they are high-school kids out for fun and destruction. I plan to stock it with nice goodies, and the puzzle is complicated. I think members are more interested in the puzzle than a 1/1 hide. After a few months, when the thefts die down and the members have had a chance to find it, I will open it up to the general public. Therefore, I support Member Only caches.
  19. There are no Member Only caches within 100 miles of my home, yet. But the Pocket Query feature is great. I get an e-mail each week with coordinates for the caches I choose, ready to download into my Magellan 315. (Use EasyGPS along with the Query feature). I suggest you pay the $30, then use the Pocket Query. To find Member Only caches, just select that box only, and if one comes up the program will e-mail you the results.
  20. I like the comment by Tahoejoe. Is Ski3pin going to be targeting the ammo boxes at the summit of many mountain peaks next? Where I live, many mountain tops have a pile of rocks and an ammo box with a pencil and notepad inside. When you get to the top you register your conquest. Everybody enjoys doing that, I have found. But I suppose she'll be climbing peaks and stealing those next. Hey, why not, according to her thinking -- they aren't natural up there. If they weren't up there probably nobody would climb the mountains and disturb the flowers and animals. (Just an analogy). How much more enjoyable to have an inconspicuous Geocache in the wilderness. A few people seek it out, carry out any trash they find, and no wilderness is harmed.
  21. I found a Texas Geocoin a few weeks ago. After all the discussion on copyrite logos and such, I believe I will hang on to it for a while, maybe forever! It is absolutely beautiful. It would be difficult to part with, to be sure. It is polished brass, about the size of a 50 cent piece. I did contact the website and logged it. I hope the folks at Geocaching.com will allow some of these coins to be minted. Mine even says Geocaching.com on it, and has the logo on one side. It seems like that is "free advertising" to me, promoting this great sport/game. In no way did I interpret that coin as an infringment on the logo.
  22. Thank you for clarification on virtual and locationless caches. I posted a virtual cache a couple weeks ago. One person was quite agitated because I stated if someone did not supply me with the correct answer by e-mail, I would assume their "find" was bogus and would delete it. He even deleted his log on another regular cache of mine he had found. Wanting to be peaceful, I e-mailed him back and said I would change the wording in my virtual cache and would not delete someone if they did not supply me with the obvious correct answer, proving they had actually visited the site. I suppose what I will do is e-mail the suspicious "find" and ask for the correct answer to prove a real find. If they cannot do so, then I will delete it. At least it doesn't appear so offensive on the cache page itself!
  23. I found my first Geocoin (Texas) a week ago. I was under the impression it was like a Travel Bug, but after emailing the fellow from Texas who placed it in Kennewick, WA, I was informed I may keep it! Yahoo! They are beautiful, made of brass, and a most worthy cache find. I may eventually place it in another cache, but at least my conscience won't bother me now if I keep it.
  24. I found my first Geocoin (Texas) a week ago. I was under the impression it was like a Travel Bug, but after emailing the fellow from Texas who placed it in Kennewick, WA, I was informed I may keep it! Yahoo! They are beautiful, made of brass, and a most worthy cache find. I may eventually place it in another cache, but at least my conscience won't bother me now if I keep it.
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