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plundering caches and what geocaching means to me

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Just something I would like to get off of my chest.

(please read the whole message)


When I went out on a couple of caches hunts when I was first starting out...I borrowed a GPS from a coworker and proceeded to take all the cool stuff out of a couple of caches and leave nothing...not even signing the log book.


It was my intention to just get on here find the caches and just go around plundering them with noone ever knowing...right?


Well I never did log those as finds and never will because to be quite honest I am ashamed of myself for that kind of behavior.


My first official cache was one of the I hate i-5 series and that is when I change started occuring in me.


I was never one to care for the environment, I figured yah ....trees and the ecosystem are important but how does it effect me?


I could not have been more dead wrong.


I thought long and hard about this...I enjoy hiking (although I am the biggest weenie when It comes to snakes)


I like to go to places to hike, hey they are far enough away that I dont care if the parks and urban spaces in my own backyard are raped and filled with litter.


The national forests will always be there...I can go hiking in them and who cares if I leave a wrapper thrown off the trail..or a cigarette butt put out in the middle of the trail.


I am seeing a whole new part of the forests, green spaces, and parks that I geocache in.


I have recently (last 10 cache hunts) started bringing garbage bags with me and hauled out garbage.


I am starting to get irked that people would damage the areas that they recreate in.....but that is the wrong way to look at it since I was one of them.


They just lack information....


I want to be able to hide geocaches in all areas where the public is welcome...and to get the Forest service to allow us to do that is to show them that "hey we are the same as the people that visit but we dont leave messes like them, we clean up their messes...now wouldnt you like to have a bunch more of us to visit your park"


I have went and ressuplied the caches that I plundered when I first started out with top notch stuff because after all...I plan on being in this sport for along time and that was just the wrong thing to do.


I recently planted two caches in a park by my house.


I frequent this park twice a day to take my dog on walks.


Do I want this park to be littered...no...I have spent a year helping clean up this park and this also clicked in me that yes I do need to do my park to help the environment...


and not to mention that geocaching has made hiking more fun, and the beauty of allot of the places I have seen so far I wouldnt trade for the world




just a thought..



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Sounds like you've not only joined a new sport, but have had a sort of "conversion" experience. It's good to know that geocaching can actually change someone's way of thinking to a more positive attitude toward the world around them.


"Now go forth, geocache, and sin no more!"



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This weekend I went geocaching with a friend up by Sun Valley. He's was new to the sport and among other things he asked "What's to stop you from looking them up on the net and plundering all of them" All I could say was. "Nothing, but how long would it last before it wasn't all that much fun?".


It's interesting that the first post that I read when I got back was yours. Good luck.

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I'm sure you're not the first one to do that... but you're the first I've read discuss it.


You offer an interesting perspective, and I can say that had I discovered this activity when I were a few years younger, I may have done roughly the same thing you did. Maybe not, but who knows? I know I was a little less concious of my surroundings just a few years ago.


Among other things, geocaching has made me appreciate and recognize the things I can do to help out.



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Wow, that's great Wayne! I'm glad that you've changed your way of thinking like that.


I think this sport has changed everyone that has gotten involved with it. For me I've rediscovered the outdoors.


I'm a big net surfer and enjoyed hours of endless pointing and clicking. Now I've noticed that I've been getting out more. I'm starting to run again. I'm looking into buying my first kayak in a few months. (Ok I admit that the original reason was to place tougher caches!).


Geocaching is more than a game!



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I have always loved the outdoors. I was raised to respect the land, and everything that we have because of it. I can't imagine not caring about the environment, although sadly, I know I am in the minority on this. I am glad to see that someone could go out into the woods and see them for what they are. If everyone could just go out into some desolate, rural area, and enjoy the silence for an afternoon, I am certain more people would be on our side. Thanks for seeing the light, and for sharing your experience. Hopefully you will make the opportunity to replace the goods in those first few caches you visited.

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Appreciate your candor/honesty and sharing your story. Lately I, too, have noticed myself picking up more trash from around the areas of the caches I find. Personally, I wouldn't call picking up trash any fun (although some people probably do), but I do get some personal satisfaction after I bring out a Wal-Mart bag full of junk and place it in a trash can.

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I also love the outdoors I basiclly grew up in the woods. I've never liked garbage and trash in the woods I get really pissed when running and finding where people? throw tires and big items along the roads. My kids think I'm sick because I fill my car with others trash.

I have placed one cache so far. It is in a place I feel is beautiful I go there just to sit and think. I felt others should also enjoy it. Not many would know about this spot if it weren't for geocaching.

I just want to say I hope this is just the start of a long love affair with the woods for you. May yours be as wonderful as mine.

Thank you Wayne for joining our group.


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Thanks for posting your story. I had a cache that was robbed over and over again by the same cachers who took everything good and replaced it with garbage they found on the ground near the cache. I know who did it but for fear of them retaliating if I started anything I thought it would be better just to remove the cache and put my new ones in areas that were less accessable for these specific cachers. Its good to hear that some people, like yourself realize its better not to be a jerk. I needed to hear something like that to lift my spirits I've been pretty disapointed in some people and caches lately.



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