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How many caches have you archived?


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I've archived 10 caches since I started caching that seems like alot to me and it kills me to archive a cache.I've done it for lot's of differnt reasons,theft,losing them nature or pulling some to keep the peace.How many and what where your reasons?


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Of the ones I've placed. Both were microcaches I placed in heavily-used public parks in metropolitan areas (Bangkok and Taipei). Both were well hidden and subsequently found and logged before going missing.


Lessons learned:

1. Don't hide caches (even micros) in or near heavily traveled areas; subsequent finders may not be as discreet as you were when searching for or replacing them.


2. Apparently NOTHING is so small or inherently worthless that SOMEONE won't won't steal it.


3. Don't give up; hide some more. Jerks can only spoil your fun if you let them.



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Out of the 55 caches I have hidden I have only had to archive 5.


1 of them was a tempory cache to begin with.


2 others were hidden in other states and I had no way to get back to them in a timely manner to see if they were really gone or not.


1 I removed because the cachers in the area did not like the idea of a moving cache and people would find it and not move it.


1 was stolen


not to bad of a record....thanks for the poll never did look at this before


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I've achived 2 of my caches. In each case it was because I made the cache better and significantly changed the location or made it into a multi leg. So technically the caches are still active. I've been very lucky (knock on wood) and have yet to have a cache stolen or removed by the authorities. I hope this string of luck continues.


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Hounddog and I have placed 62 caches. Of those 10 have been archived.

One was and event cache.

Five were only short term caches (Mothers day, Christmas, Easter, Fathers day, Halloween)

Two were burnt

Two are missing presumed stolen.

Thats not a bad average.

I have lost 2 TB's as well.

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I don't like to keep my caches around forever, so all of mine wind up being archived eventually.

I think it helps keep things fresh and interesting that way. It also gives new people more incentive to place a cache in a particular park, where they may be reluctant to if there's already an established cache.

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I've archived two of mine due to snow. They were placed in the mountains and while they were quite popular in the summer, the area gets 8/15 feet of snow during the winter. I always made a point of letting folks know that I would be pulling them a week before I retrieved them.


I had one cache on Mt Shasta that I was getting ready to pull because no one was willing to brave the snow to get it (it was specifically a winter cache) when it started getting hit in the Spring, so I left it for now. 3 of my caches are in the level 3/4 terrain area, so they don't get hit on as often as the easier ones... each time I think about archiving one, someone finds it and expresses how much they enjoyed the difficult hunt, so I have left them for now.



It's not about the mistakes we make, it's about what we learn from them....

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