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Overloading a cache?

opey one

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O.K. Yes, I'm too lazy to check previous threads, so I will resume anyway.


This evening, immediately arriving home from work, I decided to sit down and scroll through my cache finds/hides, to review my logs. Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this...


Anyway, I stumbled across something that I tend to do upon finding a cache and performing the trade, and for some reason it troubles me to a certain extent.


Please enlighten me on this one:


When the actual trade ensues, I tend to leave multiple items instead of just one. When I'm accompanied by wife and kids (of course the kids want to take something), I pre pack items for them to trade.


But in another aspect, if I am by myself, I still leave more than one item - sometimes three or more.


They are not bulky items to cramp the container, as I place what I think will suffice. Mostly stickers and sports cards and such.


One opinion of mine reflects on a good note, that these multiple items will keep the cache stocked with items that I hope people will enjoy. I do trade up giving merit to personal items and my sports cards (most range in price of $3-$15 or somewhere in that range).


And on another note, the subconscious picks at me asking, "Who is this Opey One, and why is he putting this crap in a cache? How lame!"


Should I just take an item and leave an item?


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Don't sweat it Opey One, it's a pretty common practice with some of us. Especially if I find something I want to trade for that's especially neat, I tend to "reward" the cache by leaving more than usual even. Otherwise, I'll put more in a cache that needs items to stay alive, and just trade one item for one item if the cache is stuffed.


So you aren't a freak after all.....hehehehe.




"Trade up, trade even, or don't trade!!!" My philosophy of life.

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I love to stock up depleted caches. And if I want to fill one with goodies, I take out the crap, if there's no crap I take one goodie or two and leave a few. Caching with Ttepee makes any cache a great find after we've been there! icon_biggrin.gif


Cache you later,



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take the junk out of a cache and leave a better trade, and i try to leave two or three items for everyone i take! There is only a couple of caches that I have visited that i took more than one thing! Micros are about the only one I wont leave a lot of items in! I say to each his own!


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Most of the time I don't take anything from caches that I find. If I take Lost One (my 6 yr. old) with me, he always wants to trade for something. For this reason I have created the "Team Misguided Trade Pack". It contains a couple of things from the Lost One, and several things from Wander Lost (wife) and myself. I use a heavy poly bag to put everything in, and then heat seal it shut so the contents stay together.

So even if I don't take anything I always try to leave a "Trade Pack", to show that I was there.




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Most of my caches are pretty full when I put them out. What I don't get are the logs I sometimes see saying something like "Cache was really stuffed. Had a hard time getting everything back in. Took nothing, left a pocket knife".


If it's so darn full, why the heck don't people take something? If only to make some room!


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Conversely, the couple caches I've placed (smallish) I didn't fill up to the brim, but left some "breathing space" in case a cachers trade item was physically larger than what they take.


Having visited caches that were crammed, I feel bad taking the largest item (to make room) and then there still not being much space to leave a like-valued item...even though I'm doing a good service.


It is amusing however, during maintenance, to remove several items to get it back to "operating level".


BrianSnat: I think people say that (cache stuffed, took nothing but left something) is more to warn future visitors to bring small items or anticipate removing big ones.


Come to think of it, I cache w/only a belt pouch already stuffed w/stuff, so don't have a lot of "pack" space to remove any larger items.



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