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Originally posted by Cheesehead Dave:

There's a http://slashdot.org/art=gicle.pl?sid=02/07/01/0143225&mode=nested&tid=149 d iscussing bookcrossing.com. Anyone ever try this?


Yep, there is a book or two floating around OR and WA that I have released into caches.






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Yes. I have a few books released into the wild. And currently have an ammo box full of registered books waiting to hide as a Bookcrossing cache as soon as I find the right spot to hide it. In it is a bookcrossing book/travel bug that I am going to use to experiment on meshing the two games.

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I believe that this was the first cache completely dedicated to Bookcrossing.com:



It is true that the majority of the people who find either forgot to bring their Bookcrossing book to trade or didn't plan for it, and in those cases they have stuck to the rules by signing the log and taking/leaving nothing.


I was really hoping that this summer that cache would get a lot of activity, but the others on the beaches did. I should be happy for ANY activity this summer, due to all of the fires. I did get an email recently from some folks on Bookcrossing.com that read my profile, and wrote to ask more questions about Geocaching. THAT is a good side of it. I've even agreed to swap some books via snail mail in order to place them in this cache from people who normally can't get to this area. Pretty cool. I would just like to see more of the books move... they are just like Travel Bugs to me.




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