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Urban Legand Caches or Virtual Caches!!

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I was wondering if any one has come upon an urban legand cache. Like here in New Jersey we have an urban legand or even folk lore legand of the JERSEY DEVIL...!! In the story he was born in the Leed's house, which some people to believe they might have found out in the woods. (Not quite sure where). But i was wondering if anyone has made a cache (virtual or a real one) out of a site like this... like say.. here lays the place where the Jeresy Devil was believed to be born and you might find a cache there or answer a few ?'s... just curious!! icon_rolleyes.gif

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Perhaps a Vanishing Hitchhiker Locationless cache would be good. It's a find if you can log the coords for the location where he disappeared from your backseat.


Then again, an urban legend cache doesn't have to be virtual.


"Took the spider egg infested Bubblegum, left the hook for a hand and car door handle. Signed the logbook.


D.B. Cooper




P.S. Neat idea . . I love urban legend stuff


"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.

When a man found it, he hid it again."

Mt. 13:44

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Do a search for Gwho's caches. He's placed a few caches that have been featured in Weird NJ. You might also want to search for caches placed by tneigel he's incorporated many local legends into his caches. Check out their web sites along with weirdnj.com and midnightsociety.com for other New Jersey weirdness and goodies. icon_smile.gif

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