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Ok, I would like to place a virtual cache in my neighborhood. One of the neighbors has a "Unique" Item in his back yard. It is visable from the street and I have never seen one of these in this setting before. The actual public land along side the street is somewhat overgrown and inhabbited by snakes and would not be a great location for a mirco or traditional cache. I would post what this item is but would give it away if it would get approved.

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Yep, the only answer is to contact your admin/approver before you spend a second on it. They are going to tell you if it's unique enough which I can tell you that they will tell you that it's not so don't waste your time at all. But I know better than to tell you that so waste the time and learn the hard way and then if you really want it posted go to www.navic ache.com and post it there.


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Crow T Robot is the approver for Florida. If you go to his profile page, you can email him with your question. Give him all the details of the object and why you believe a physical would not be possible at the location.


I'd also suggest you consider if this could be part of a multi cache with information gathered at the site used to find the coordinates for a physical cache elsewhere. You will also need to make sure you have talked to your neighbor and have their okay to have strange people with electronic devices wandering around the neighborhood looking for their 'object'.





Don't mind us, we're just looking for tupperware in this bush.

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