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I'm realitivley new to Geocaching,I've found 5 or 6 caches now. I've seen a wide range of things in the caches, from good (victorymike's chain mail keychains) to bad (change, and "free soda" bottle tops). So my question is what are good inexpensive items to put in caches that appeal to all ages. I'd like to find a "signature" item, but I'm at a loss for ideas.

What do YOU leave in caches?

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I have been thinking of getting a stamp with the TEAM 360 name and stamping $1 bills, I could leave one in the cache, almost regardless of the cache size. Everyone likes money, so I figure I can't go wrong, and it would be neat to see if they ever showed up at a local grocery store, etc, when you get change...up till now, I have been hitting the local Dollar Store for goodies, keychains, mini-slinkys, small stuffed animals, etc....

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While I suppose it qualifies as "change", I usually leave an assortment of foreign coins as my signature item. I leave them because

They will fit in any cacheThey aren't damaged by extreme heat, cold, or moistureThey won't profit a cache thiefBoth kids and adults seem to like them; according to the cache logs, they usually get picked up pretty quick.



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Actually I was talking about local (US in my case) currency (nickles & dimes etc). I personally havn't run across any foreign currency, and its something different. I think alot of what I'm seeing is probably "I forgot to bring a trinket, and my child wanted something from the cache"


Originally posted by worldtraveler:

While I suppose it qualifies as "change", I usually leave an assortment of foreign coins as my signature item. I leave them because+ They will fit in any cache+ They aren't damaged by extreme heat, cold, or moisture+ They won't profit a cache thief+ Both kids and adults seem to like them; according to the cache logs, they usually get picked up pretty quick.



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A partial list of things I've left in caches:

US flags

flag pins

modeling clay

Energizer squeeze lights

stickers for kids (butterfiles, dinosauers, etc...)

antique post cards

bags of toy soldiers

pocket knives (um I mean tools)

Crayola water colors sets

mini screwdriver sets

allen wrench sets

boxes of gel pens

boxes of crayons or colored chalk

emergency rain ponchos

packs of AA batteries

collectable coins (buffalo nickels, indian head pennies, SBA or Sacagawea dollars)

bag of plastic dinosaurs

Music CD's

Blank RW CD's

Cassettes (blank and recorded)


clip on safety strobes

bungee cords

"euro" stickers


maps (hiking & road)


Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars

Key rings

Foreign money

Movies on VHS & DVD

Office supplies (boxes of paper clips, push pins, thumb tacks, etc...)

Individually wrapped Armor-All towlettes

Wheresgeorge bills

Wheresgeorge stamps & inkpads

emergency "space blankets"

geocaching.com hats, patches, stickers & keychain compasses

recipe cards

gently used paperback books

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ivoux - Hi! Feel free to join other Michiganders at the

Michigan Geocaching Orginization!


As far as good trade items go, just use common sence. Pick things that you would like to see in caches. Libaray booksales are great places to pick up paperbacks (for larger caches). Church rummage sales might be good places to look for interesting inexpensive stuff. I've gone through stuff I got at one point in time and will never really use again, and places it in cahces. Stuff like tiny beanie babies still in their bags, miniature baskets, packets/ strings of cool beads, etc. Just be sure what you leave is at least an even trade for what you take, and that it's in good condition.


Signature items tend to come from someone's interests, hobbies, talents, or just something random that seems cool. I collect squirrel figurines, etc, so that's where I started. I eventually found that Belarus had currency with a squirrel on it, and a place to get 100 of said notes for about $9. Some people/teams use wooden nickles with their geocaching name. Check out aardvark-mi'swebsite for a few examples of other sig items in MI...


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Originally posted by enfanta:



I've left those "free soda" caps before!


I'd be happy to find one after a long and arduous search.


One man's trash...


... can fill a cache!



A free soda cap coupon is of value and I wouldn't consider it trash either, unless it was no longer valid.


The thing I would suggest is the signature item. Something that only you leave, that can be personalized, and (best case) can be individualized to the cache (you can write the originating cache on it.)


I have used poker chips, foreign coins, and business cards made at kinkos. One place I have had good luck in is big hardware store sales. They always have a screwdriver sale with small handtools real cheap. Bought a bunch of them last time for about a buck each.


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We've left foreign coins (unusual ones, not from Mexico or Canada) and old African/Venetian trade beads. The response has been so-so on those, so we are about to *debut* our new signature item. We spent a long time deciding on our designed item. We opted for one that is unique yet can still be varied a little bit to increase their desirability. We'll post pictures when the sig item is ready.


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The simplest way to determine what you should put in a cache is to ask yourself if you would take the same item from a cache. I also think the free soday bottle caps are a good item. they are free and worth something. And a cold soda on the drive home is much better than finishing your luke warm water.




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