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Suggestions for newbies, experts please read and post.....

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Originally posted by Markwell:


Wander off the path because the GPS says it's over there 0.15 miles. Chance are your path will wind you closer to the cache. Only leave the path when it's obvious that you can't get there any other way.


As a fellow newbie, I can attest to this! I went off the trail on a 1/1.5 and turned it into a 1/4 or 5! Went back with my hubby today, walked the trail and had a LOVERLY time! LOL This is now our #1 rule.


The other thing is to learn about the different ways coordinates are listed. I suddenly realized our 3rd time out that the coords listed on the map I printed from MapQuest (before we got the streets software!) listed in degrees decimal instead of minutes decimal as on the detail pages, so we had the wrong coords along! Anyway, I don't "know it all" about those different listing methods, but I know enough to look at how they are "punctuated" or "spaced" as the best way to know I'm comparing apples to apples.


moosiegirl (Candy)


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Always take more water than you think you need, and any clothing appropriate to being stuck overnight on longer caches.


Water and appropriate clothing can see you through the night if all really goes wrong.


You did tell someone where you were going, didn't you?


DONT start a 4/4 cache that the owner says takes 5 hours with 2 hours of daylight left!

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If it’s a well-traveled or highly used public area make sure no one sees you retrieve the Cache.

While you are examining the contents keep an eye out for incoming traffic. You don’t want to invite curiosity or suspicion that might lead to a stolen Cache.


Pat in Louisiana


I never get lost. I simply investigate alternate destinations.

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Originally posted by Ridgerunner4:

The hardest part of "lessons learned" is learning the lesson.


We went on a cache quest this weekend. Didn't take adequate water or insect repellent. Not a good idea in Hawaii. _We survived, and I think next time we won't be in such a hurry to hit the trail._


Isn’t that the truth! After all my posts about protecting yourself against ticks after I got bit by one, I went off on the trail today without tucking my clothes in, no insecticide, etc. I figured, oh, it’s only a short walk; doesn’t look like I have to go off trail. Wrong! Plus I forgot to mark the car’s waypoint. Again. Learn the lesson!



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